Charming and sophisticated, featuring a beautiful Kate Moss, the new adv of the autumn / winter 2012-2013 by Salvatore Ferragamo is really lovely and full of atmosphere. Made by the great fashion photographer Mikael Jansson, tell a mysterious story of seduction and charm, set in the splendid rooms of an exceptional location, the Embassy of Russia in Berlin.

In addition to the divine British supermodel Kate Moss, now starring in countless print campaigns, the other two protagonists of advertising of Savatore Ferragamo are Pedaru Karmen and Sean O'Pry. Kate Moss is the real star dell'adv, given his fame and his timeless appeal, and his innate sense of style that Mikael Jansson was able to pull off gracefully and give the best, most portray as a Pauline Bonaparte modern version. As a Russian czarina, or aristocratic, has her hair tied with a large braid that acts as a chignon, a hairstyle very retro, and is wrapped in three shots in a beautiful long dress of black lace, in a clear fancy dress and in a paisley print cocktail dress with neckline abysmal fantasy, lace edge and wonderful shoes that envelop the entire ankle.

Lying on the chaise, with a very regal look and valuable accessories which also combines the glam black gold, if it were a coat of arms, Kate Moss is a sublime beauty, while all around her shines the environment of ancient wall hangings and tapestries. In other images of advertising is the obvious clash between a man and a woman with mood and aesthetic very different from each other. Femininity and mystery. Of course, opposites attract and the visual result is very successful because it seems to tell the story of an attraction between a woman rigorous, safe and strong, loving close-fitting jackets, almost dall'appeal military, and a man of the world, cosmopolitan and refined as a dandy.

Iconic and elegant in her natural sensuality, beautiful model wearing Pedaru Karmen, almost like a uniform Soviet fashion creations by fitting very well defined, that sagomano the silhouette, thus embodying the soul of impeccable and rigorous winter collection of fashion house Ferragamo. Most of the images are color-saturated, the photographer Mikael Jansson was looking for, though he was in a deluxe location, an adv with the results not trivially sophisticated, so he preferred to play with lights, shadows and contrasts.
The American singer Lana Del Rey, one of the biggest stars of the moment in the music and not just because of its beauty and her charm, she chose a dress from Moschino for a recent performance on stage during a concert. On Sunday 24 June, the beautiful singer twenty-five, during a live performance at Hackney Weekender organized by the BBC, he wore a funny and ironic taffeta dress with balloon pre-CheapAndChic Moschino Fall / Winter 2012-2013.

Lana Del Rey, with already had millions of records sold and a bag inspired by her label Mulberry has a really lovely beauty who quickly made her one of the most popular fashion icon and follow for her outfits and style . Very versatile, goes to look for other Hollywood diva loves to play with irony as with fashion, colors and design, offering a different image of himself always and never predictable. Only her long red hair remain the same, cotonatissimi during this concert, for the rest Lana Del Rey, who lives in London but was born and raised in New York, likes to have fun experimenting with new silhouettes in an ever increasingly oops.

Besides, she is in essence the original, since the name of art, a combination of the car Ford Del Rey and one of the famous Hollywood actress Lana Turner, transgressive icon and sex symbol of the fifties cult movie "The Postman Always Rings Twice. " Lana Del Rey chose to accessorize her dress funny balloon with a single contrasting color, black. Hence the long string of black pearls and high sandals with ankle strap, very glamorous and feminine.

Usually a red dress with a red so it is not just the maximum matching, and in many advise to those with red hair to wear something that color, but Lana Del Rey with this outfit that shows their own fashion, everything is possible. So, dear readers of Green Gables, never be afraid to dare the color of passion on you will look even sexier!
Lovers choose the bridges of Florence to kiss, Madonna circled for a video clip with Moschino sunglasses cat.

The last attempt to save his latest album, "MDNA" went worse than expected, begins at this video filmed in the city that hosted the third and last Italian stop of her tour, which began in Rome, Milan and went on to finish , in fact, in Florence. Now it is already allocated to Barcelona to continue his world tour, but first he wanted to set her new video "Turn Up The Radio" first in Galliano, in Mugello, a distributor left in the church and the town square and then center, along the Arno.

The dress worn by Madonna in the video is always the same: a brief fetish black leather minidress with fishnet stockings and shoes with open toe patent leather pump. The hair was combed Sixty style, buds and stopped by a band, while his eyes were covered with glasses "Cat" Moschino eyewear collection spring / summer 2012. Madonna during her walk trash on the Arno, in a Cadillac, it seems almost a carbon copy of the olders players in the MTV program "Jersey Shore" in Italy that it combined all the colors with their boorishness.

All around a crowd of extras, some in the role of fans screaming for her, greet her, shouting her name and those of other photographers who take pictures of pictures of the Queen of Pop as she defines Madge always and especially lately: "The Queen's me" only repeats, but it was really convinced he might not need so much to say ... Madonna has stayed at the St. Regis Grand Hotel, right on All Saints Square, throughout his stay in Florence. There are rumors leaked her usual whims of a star, but seeing a woman nearly sixty years not to accept with serenity the passing time and dressed in sadomasochistic one of the most chic of the world is an image so that we did not really vulgar words ...
What a beautiful land of Emilia Romagna. Though battered by the earthquake, never give up and being one of the most important fashion district of Made in Italy does not want to relinquish his scepter and wants to fight, even in extreme conditions. There are orders to be observed, as Blumarine, Carpi, which expects the spring-summer 2013, which should be in the store immediately after the sales. And the clock is ticking.

Deliveries will be respected. Word of honor Gianguido Tarabini, son of Anna Molinari Blumarine and CEO of the company is closed, the ceiling collapsed by the earthquake. Tarabini has not lost his nerve and bought tents and containers and packaging set up a new department in the parking lot, under the sun at 30 degrees because the heat begins to be felt. In this whole operation is supported by all its workers: in addition to the earthquake that damaged the gold houses do not even want to risk losing their jobs. For those who live in anxiety of a seismic swarm that seems not to want to never end, however, the certainty of being able to continue working is a good reason to believe in the future, although the situation is very serious.

Carpi is one of the most important districts of textiles and knitwear. You work full time, and always arranged conditions, also by Liu Jo, from Twin Set, Denny Rose, Gaudi, Champion. This is a fund of over one billion euros a year in revenue and the government should help. The earthquake is scary, but we must look ahead and start means start now to not miss the orders of the spring-summer 2013. Many days of work were lost, we must recover. With the textile industry in crisis, the earthquake may not be the final blow to an economy already crippled by the economic crisis and competition from China. We must produce to sell, export, reborn.

There is a pride in the DNA of Emilia-Romagna that no earthquake will never waver. Pillars of Made in Italy in the world, as their countrymen are proud of their courage and their determination. They work in car parks set up as best they could, yet again, earthquake or not, they prove to be a great excellence as well as a symbol and an example for the whole of Italy. Here there is no time for sorry for themselves, fashion has a timetable and deadlines deadly and it takes little to destroy reputations of iron built with years and years of great sacrifice. It would not only damage to the economy of Emilia Romagna, but a real earthquake, economic and artistic all over Italy, in the grip of the crisis.
A Olivia Palermo takes very little to be perfect: Kate Moss as part of that rare type of women that can be glamorous wearing any head. In addition, a taste for the unconventional fashion, which makes it a winner. Even this basic and fun outfits proves it!

Olivia chooses a pair of shorts that mimic a miniskirt: the property portfolio makes it one of the leaders of the cabinet a piece inusale easier and more comfortable than usual. If the skirt is sexy, you certainly can not say that it is convenient to get around town. Said and done: this model addresses the need for comfort while mantenedno size really minimal. Inside the shorts Olivia is wearing a white tank top that looks stolen from the wardrobe and underwear for him, as outerwear, opts for a black stretch cotton jacket with three quarter sleeves.

In this look are the accessories to make a difference: manicured nails painted red, one wrist bracelets and golden clock in the other, big dark sunglasses frame with a contrasting animal print and dancers in leopard print. The model wearing Pretty Ballerinas Olivia is signed and is called Ask Marilyn Black Leopard: breaks with humor and without excess minimalism black and white of the rest of the clothes and makes it more fun and glamorous ensemble.
Those who love fashion can not but be curious in front of the variety of outfits sported by the girlfriends of the players, the so-called wags: the 10 days was played Italy - Spain and, if the good of our Azzurri sported a look that almost all technical support, including the love of the Spaniards stood out, especially Shakira and Sara Carbonero.

Sara Carbonero, a sports journalist and girlfriend of goalkeeper Iker Casillas, a woman is truly beautiful and sensual, although always very natural in every outfit: still remember all the passionate kiss that the printed Iker thrilled and excited after winning the World Cup 2010! For the match against Italy wore a simple white t-shirt, from the basic line and V-neck, on which she had a stunning effect thanks to the generosity and fullness of cleavage. A jacket in shades of warm honey-brown and vaguely masculine style was left open on the shirt. Very dark jeans completed the outfit, plus a set of gold bangles on her left wrist. Overall, very accurate, while remaining casual.

Very different is the singer Shakira, Spanish defender Gerard Pique's girlfriend: for her hair blonde and move a little 'unkempt, dark aviator sunglasses model mirror, a large gray t-shirt Vintage used effect and with the press of a leader Indian drawn from the front, jeans casual, black leather jacket leaning on the arm and a comfortable shoulder strap: any girl who looked really assieteva to a game and not, who is one of the richest and most famous pop star at the global level!

From Saturday, June 23 to Tuesday, June 26 he returned to Milan Milan Fashion Week with all the news and trends for next spring-summer 2013. Such as cuts, colors and proportions will go out of fashion apparel and accessories for men in? Will tell us the many brands presenting their collections, trying to make you happy as can be their ideal customer that the buyers, of course! 

Saturday, June 23
09.00 CORNELIANI Avenue Alemagna, 6
JIL SANDER 10.00, Via Beltrami, 5
11.00 ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA, Via Savona, 56
COSTUME NATIONAL HOMME 13.00, Via Tortona, 58
14.30 DOLCE & GABBANA, Viale Piave, 24
FRANKIE MORELLO 15.30, Via Palermo, 10
16.30 BURBERRY PRORSUM, Corso Venezia, 16
17.00 LES HOMMES, Corso Venezia, 47
JOHN VARVATOS 18.00, Course Italy, 21
19.00 NEIL BARRETT, by Senate, 10
20.00 VERSACE, VIA Jesus, 12
20.30 CARLO PIGNATELLI, Via Turati, 34
Other fashion events:
09,00 / 18,00 JIMMY CHOO, Via Manzoni, 7
09,00 / 18,00 VALEXTRA, Via Manzoni, 3
10.00 / 21.00 BALLANTYNE, Course Italy, 49
14.00 / 18.00 PEUTEREY AIGUILLE NOIRE, Piazza Vetra, 7
15.00 / 19.00 ALBERTO GUARDIANS, Corso Venezia, 16

Sunday, June 24
BOTTEGA VENETA 09.30, privately Ercole Marelli, 6
10.30 ERMANNO SCERVINO, Via San Luca, 3
11.30 DIRK BIKKEMBERGS Avenue Alemagna, 6
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO 12.30, Business Plaza, 6
ROCCOBAROCCO 13.15, via the Holy Spirit, 10
14.00 CALVIN KLEIN COLLECTION, Viale Umbria, 37
VIVIENNE WESTWOOD 15.00, via Melegari, 3
16.00 DAKS, Piazza Mercanti
17.00 TRUSSARDI, by Canova, 34
18.00 PRADA, via Fogazzaro, 36
RANGE BLUE 19.00 MONCLER, Via Tortona, 58
20.00 ROBERTO CAVALLI, Piazza Vetra, 7
Other fashion events:
10.00 / 19.00 ARFANGO Alberto Moretti, Via Montenapoleone, 21
11.30 / 15.30 SERGIO ROSSI, by Landolfo, 1
11.30 / 16.30 SANTONI, Via Montenapoleone, 9
13.00 / 17.00 GIULIANO FUJIWARA, Corso Cristoforo Colombo, 7
14.00 / 18.00 Cesare Paciotti, Via Sant'Andrea, 8
14.00 / 18.00 PAL ZILERI, Corso Matteotti, 9-corner of Via Montenapoleone
15.00 / 17.00 BELSTAFF, via Stendhal, 35
15.00 / 18.00 LES COPAINS via Sciesa, 22

MONDAY 'June 25
EMPORIO ARMANI 09.30, via Bergognone, 59
10.30 ICEBERG, Via Palermo, 10
11.30 JOHN RICHMOND, via Melegari, 3
12.30 GUCCI, Piazza Oberdan, 2 / B
ETRO 14.00, Via Piranesi, 14
15.00 Z ZEGNA, Via Solari, 35
16.00 CHANNELS, Via Savona, 56
17.00 UMIT Benan, Via Turati, 34
18.00 MOSCHINO, Galleria del Corso, 4
MISSONI 19.00, via Procaccini, 4
20.00 FENDI, via Fabio Filzi, 22
Other fashion events:
09,30 / 18,30 ROSSETTI BROTHERS, by Cino Del Duca, 8
10.00 / 18.00 MARC JACOBS MEN, by Argelati, 22
10.00 / 19.00'S CHURCH, via Borgonuovo, 16
10.00 / 19.00 WOOLRICH, by Lombardini, 18
10.30 / 17.30 BALLY, Corso Venezia, 48
12.00 / 18.00 MAXIMUM SFORZA, Via Sant'Andrea, 3
16.00 / 19.00 ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Piazza Luigi di Savoia, 1/26
18.00 / 20.00 BRIONI Alemagna Avenue, 6

TUESDAY 'June 26
09.30 DSQUARED2, Via San Luca, 3
GIORGIO ARMANI 10.30, via Bergognone, 59
DIESEL BLACK GOLD 11.30, Via Tortona, 58
12.30 PORTS 1961, via Stendhal, 35
13.30 COVERI, Via Gaspare Bugatti, 9
09,30 / 18,30 Larusmiani, Via Verri, 10
10.00 / 18.00 MARC JACOBS MEN, by Argelati, 2210.00 / 19.00 CAR SHOE, Via della Spiga, 1

Crisis is black for fashion. As demonstrated by the data presented by Confesercenti of Brescia in a nationwide study on the retail trade, which was attended by 200 national and more than thirty local, the business income has fallen over the past 5 years by 32% in clothing and footwear. 

A real catastrophe: if 2012 was an annus horribilis for the business, if the situation continues to remain as it is, if not worse, many traders will be forced to close, if not to declare bankruptcy. With a severe loss, not only trade but also for the image in the world. The Made in Italy has always been one of the strengths of the country, something to hold on to move up the china even in the darkest moments. Draws from a tourism point of view and feeds, so the production sector. But if there is no question that serves to propose an offer? The stores are full of unsold goods, multiply sad cases of suicide by bankrupts and that 32 per cent, although not unexpected, feeds a climate of general distrust. Too many taxes, too much bureaucracy, too much counterfeiting. 

Too many enemies to fight. Succumb is all too easy, even at the production level, lowering the level of know-how to sell at ever lower prices but do not allow the producer to recoup spese.Gli entrepreneurs try to intervene on prices, diversifies its offer, performs extraordinary sales (the sales generate 35% of sales, discounts, and arrive at 50% and above), while many change suppliers and reduce overall costs. 14% of entrepreneurs ponders leaving the independent trade, thinking of relying on a chain, thereby foregoing their freedom of decision and management. 

The items "rent" and "personal" weigh very much on budgets, so the dealers are asking the government more tax breaks and reduce their labor costs, which, however, is a double edged sword as it can leave the 'economy if it cuts the paychecks of employees who then can not do other than those necessary expenses. But time is pressing well over the last three years 40 thousand Italian companies in the industry have gone out of business.

What years those years ... We are talking about the Fifties, the years of pin-ups of beautiful shapes, oversized icons and unforgettable actresses of seduction. With the arrival of summer, this style, even on the success of the TV series "Mad Men" back in swimsuits as well as ever this year are punished for nothing scosciati, often integers and if two pieces, compounds also bustier and panties. 

A style that was believed to vintage and instead proves more relevant than ever. Other than old style, the fifties are more fashionable than ever, at least in beachwear. Inspired as a sex symbol Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida in Italy and abroad the greatest stars in Hollywood as Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Esther Williams, but the list would be long. 

All of us remember the timeless charm all their own and many dream of a return to a materiality so explosive, true, feminine and seductive. The first step is the return of these swimsuits as they need a certain silhouette to be worn. Just size zero. Who could ever forget the fabulous white dress Marilyn Monroe and the history of the sexiest bikini worn by Ursula Andress in a breathtaking scene of James Bond? 

Bandits absolutely thong, microkini topless. Finally returns the bon ton of fashion and elegance on the beach. Do you want to tan? Very short bikini to show off a tan enviable? Apart from that a tan is out now, far more sophisticated a beautiful complexion to Dita Von Teese or slightly amber, if you really want a nice beach for nudists will be for you. At the beach wins the elegance and composure that allows, paradoxically, to be even more desirable because not everything is on display, much has stated. 

The real seduction is mental, not visual. As demonstrated by the models launched by Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci, Kristina Ti, Body, Pucci, La Perla and Agogoa, but the list is really long. The Fifties are modern. This is not a revival, but a great tendency that accompanies the climate of austerity typical of this period. No more room for bikini scollatissimi and frivolity. Seriousness and elegance are the watchwords of swimwear this summer 2012.

Charlize Theron is always splendid. The South African-born actress, who won an Oscar and muse of Dior, which is a testimonial of the fragrance "J'adore", is one of the protagonists of the new Ridley Scott film, "Prometheus," which was held in London the world premiere with the cast in full force. Really stood out among all the blonde Charlize Theron dressed in a shimmering Christian Dior Haute Couture dress. 

If that Ridley Scott is a science fiction movie, the first alien creature in the sense of not just the land is Theron who has a superhuman beauty. With her long blonde hair loose over her shoulders just a very simple makeup in shades of pink that extolled the beautiful blue eyes, Charlize Theron made his entrance between the mad flash of photographers were waiting in the London theater where the other performers for the premiere of the film, including Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Guy Pearce. 

The dress chosen by the actress was all a glitter made through a special blue fabric that looked so beautiful to watch the stars were so many of its glare and glitter. On board a game of transparencies gave the strapless sheath dress a delicate see-through. To complete the look of the fabulous actress, as beautiful as talented, and arguably one of the most fascinating women of the entertainment world and beyond, two earrings used as points of light and wearing a diamond bracelet. 

At the foot of the sandals blacks, signature, Christian Dior, dall'allure vintage, price lists with cross and an ankle strap to encircle perfect. Overall, the dress was very simple, a stretch tube dress with no special massing and details, but the tissue in which it was made, with effect "stardust", made it truly unforgettable and, considering it was the premiere of a film dedicated to the universe and space, never dress was more suitable!