Charlize Theron is always splendid. The South African-born actress, who won an Oscar and muse of Dior, which is a testimonial of the fragrance "J'adore", is one of the protagonists of the new Ridley Scott film, "Prometheus," which was held in London the world premiere with the cast in full force. Really stood out among all the blonde Charlize Theron dressed in a shimmering Christian Dior Haute Couture dress. 

If that Ridley Scott is a science fiction movie, the first alien creature in the sense of not just the land is Theron who has a superhuman beauty. With her long blonde hair loose over her shoulders just a very simple makeup in shades of pink that extolled the beautiful blue eyes, Charlize Theron made his entrance between the mad flash of photographers were waiting in the London theater where the other performers for the premiere of the film, including Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Guy Pearce. 

The dress chosen by the actress was all a glitter made through a special blue fabric that looked so beautiful to watch the stars were so many of its glare and glitter. On board a game of transparencies gave the strapless sheath dress a delicate see-through. To complete the look of the fabulous actress, as beautiful as talented, and arguably one of the most fascinating women of the entertainment world and beyond, two earrings used as points of light and wearing a diamond bracelet. 

At the foot of the sandals blacks, signature, Christian Dior, dall'allure vintage, price lists with cross and an ankle strap to encircle perfect. Overall, the dress was very simple, a stretch tube dress with no special massing and details, but the tissue in which it was made, with effect "stardust", made it truly unforgettable and, considering it was the premiere of a film dedicated to the universe and space, never dress was more suitable!

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