Those who love fashion can not but be curious in front of the variety of outfits sported by the girlfriends of the players, the so-called wags: the 10 days was played Italy - Spain and, if the good of our Azzurri sported a look that almost all technical support, including the love of the Spaniards stood out, especially Shakira and Sara Carbonero.

Sara Carbonero, a sports journalist and girlfriend of goalkeeper Iker Casillas, a woman is truly beautiful and sensual, although always very natural in every outfit: still remember all the passionate kiss that the printed Iker thrilled and excited after winning the World Cup 2010! For the match against Italy wore a simple white t-shirt, from the basic line and V-neck, on which she had a stunning effect thanks to the generosity and fullness of cleavage. A jacket in shades of warm honey-brown and vaguely masculine style was left open on the shirt. Very dark jeans completed the outfit, plus a set of gold bangles on her left wrist. Overall, very accurate, while remaining casual.

Very different is the singer Shakira, Spanish defender Gerard Pique's girlfriend: for her hair blonde and move a little 'unkempt, dark aviator sunglasses model mirror, a large gray t-shirt Vintage used effect and with the press of a leader Indian drawn from the front, jeans casual, black leather jacket leaning on the arm and a comfortable shoulder strap: any girl who looked really assieteva to a game and not, who is one of the richest and most famous pop star at the global level!

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