Crisis is black for fashion. As demonstrated by the data presented by Confesercenti of Brescia in a nationwide study on the retail trade, which was attended by 200 national and more than thirty local, the business income has fallen over the past 5 years by 32% in clothing and footwear. 

A real catastrophe: if 2012 was an annus horribilis for the business, if the situation continues to remain as it is, if not worse, many traders will be forced to close, if not to declare bankruptcy. With a severe loss, not only trade but also for the image in the world. The Made in Italy has always been one of the strengths of the country, something to hold on to move up the china even in the darkest moments. Draws from a tourism point of view and feeds, so the production sector. But if there is no question that serves to propose an offer? The stores are full of unsold goods, multiply sad cases of suicide by bankrupts and that 32 per cent, although not unexpected, feeds a climate of general distrust. Too many taxes, too much bureaucracy, too much counterfeiting. 

Too many enemies to fight. Succumb is all too easy, even at the production level, lowering the level of know-how to sell at ever lower prices but do not allow the producer to recoup spese.Gli entrepreneurs try to intervene on prices, diversifies its offer, performs extraordinary sales (the sales generate 35% of sales, discounts, and arrive at 50% and above), while many change suppliers and reduce overall costs. 14% of entrepreneurs ponders leaving the independent trade, thinking of relying on a chain, thereby foregoing their freedom of decision and management. 

The items "rent" and "personal" weigh very much on budgets, so the dealers are asking the government more tax breaks and reduce their labor costs, which, however, is a double edged sword as it can leave the 'economy if it cuts the paychecks of employees who then can not do other than those necessary expenses. But time is pressing well over the last three years 40 thousand Italian companies in the industry have gone out of business.

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