Lovers choose the bridges of Florence to kiss, Madonna circled for a video clip with Moschino sunglasses cat.

The last attempt to save his latest album, "MDNA" went worse than expected, begins at this video filmed in the city that hosted the third and last Italian stop of her tour, which began in Rome, Milan and went on to finish , in fact, in Florence. Now it is already allocated to Barcelona to continue his world tour, but first he wanted to set her new video "Turn Up The Radio" first in Galliano, in Mugello, a distributor left in the church and the town square and then center, along the Arno.

The dress worn by Madonna in the video is always the same: a brief fetish black leather minidress with fishnet stockings and shoes with open toe patent leather pump. The hair was combed Sixty style, buds and stopped by a band, while his eyes were covered with glasses "Cat" Moschino eyewear collection spring / summer 2012. Madonna during her walk trash on the Arno, in a Cadillac, it seems almost a carbon copy of the olders players in the MTV program "Jersey Shore" in Italy that it combined all the colors with their boorishness.

All around a crowd of extras, some in the role of fans screaming for her, greet her, shouting her name and those of other photographers who take pictures of pictures of the Queen of Pop as she defines Madge always and especially lately: "The Queen's me" only repeats, but it was really convinced he might not need so much to say ... Madonna has stayed at the St. Regis Grand Hotel, right on All Saints Square, throughout his stay in Florence. There are rumors leaked her usual whims of a star, but seeing a woman nearly sixty years not to accept with serenity the passing time and dressed in sadomasochistic one of the most chic of the world is an image so that we did not really vulgar words ...

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