What a beautiful land of Emilia Romagna. Though battered by the earthquake, never give up and being one of the most important fashion district of Made in Italy does not want to relinquish his scepter and wants to fight, even in extreme conditions. There are orders to be observed, as Blumarine, Carpi, which expects the spring-summer 2013, which should be in the store immediately after the sales. And the clock is ticking.

Deliveries will be respected. Word of honor Gianguido Tarabini, son of Anna Molinari Blumarine and CEO of the company is closed, the ceiling collapsed by the earthquake. Tarabini has not lost his nerve and bought tents and containers and packaging set up a new department in the parking lot, under the sun at 30 degrees because the heat begins to be felt. In this whole operation is supported by all its workers: in addition to the earthquake that damaged the gold houses do not even want to risk losing their jobs. For those who live in anxiety of a seismic swarm that seems not to want to never end, however, the certainty of being able to continue working is a good reason to believe in the future, although the situation is very serious.

Carpi is one of the most important districts of textiles and knitwear. You work full time, and always arranged conditions, also by Liu Jo, from Twin Set, Denny Rose, Gaudi, Champion. This is a fund of over one billion euros a year in revenue and the government should help. The earthquake is scary, but we must look ahead and start means start now to not miss the orders of the spring-summer 2013. Many days of work were lost, we must recover. With the textile industry in crisis, the earthquake may not be the final blow to an economy already crippled by the economic crisis and competition from China. We must produce to sell, export, reborn.

There is a pride in the DNA of Emilia-Romagna that no earthquake will never waver. Pillars of Made in Italy in the world, as their countrymen are proud of their courage and their determination. They work in car parks set up as best they could, yet again, earthquake or not, they prove to be a great excellence as well as a symbol and an example for the whole of Italy. Here there is no time for sorry for themselves, fashion has a timetable and deadlines deadly and it takes little to destroy reputations of iron built with years and years of great sacrifice. It would not only damage to the economy of Emilia Romagna, but a real earthquake, economic and artistic all over Italy, in the grip of the crisis.

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