Charming and sophisticated, featuring a beautiful Kate Moss, the new adv of the autumn / winter 2012-2013 by Salvatore Ferragamo is really lovely and full of atmosphere. Made by the great fashion photographer Mikael Jansson, tell a mysterious story of seduction and charm, set in the splendid rooms of an exceptional location, the Embassy of Russia in Berlin.

In addition to the divine British supermodel Kate Moss, now starring in countless print campaigns, the other two protagonists of advertising of Savatore Ferragamo are Pedaru Karmen and Sean O'Pry. Kate Moss is the real star dell'adv, given his fame and his timeless appeal, and his innate sense of style that Mikael Jansson was able to pull off gracefully and give the best, most portray as a Pauline Bonaparte modern version. As a Russian czarina, or aristocratic, has her hair tied with a large braid that acts as a chignon, a hairstyle very retro, and is wrapped in three shots in a beautiful long dress of black lace, in a clear fancy dress and in a paisley print cocktail dress with neckline abysmal fantasy, lace edge and wonderful shoes that envelop the entire ankle.

Lying on the chaise, with a very regal look and valuable accessories which also combines the glam black gold, if it were a coat of arms, Kate Moss is a sublime beauty, while all around her shines the environment of ancient wall hangings and tapestries. In other images of advertising is the obvious clash between a man and a woman with mood and aesthetic very different from each other. Femininity and mystery. Of course, opposites attract and the visual result is very successful because it seems to tell the story of an attraction between a woman rigorous, safe and strong, loving close-fitting jackets, almost dall'appeal military, and a man of the world, cosmopolitan and refined as a dandy.

Iconic and elegant in her natural sensuality, beautiful model wearing Pedaru Karmen, almost like a uniform Soviet fashion creations by fitting very well defined, that sagomano the silhouette, thus embodying the soul of impeccable and rigorous winter collection of fashion house Ferragamo. Most of the images are color-saturated, the photographer Mikael Jansson was looking for, though he was in a deluxe location, an adv with the results not trivially sophisticated, so he preferred to play with lights, shadows and contrasts.

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