The American singer Lana Del Rey, one of the biggest stars of the moment in the music and not just because of its beauty and her charm, she chose a dress from Moschino for a recent performance on stage during a concert. On Sunday 24 June, the beautiful singer twenty-five, during a live performance at Hackney Weekender organized by the BBC, he wore a funny and ironic taffeta dress with balloon pre-CheapAndChic Moschino Fall / Winter 2012-2013.

Lana Del Rey, with already had millions of records sold and a bag inspired by her label Mulberry has a really lovely beauty who quickly made her one of the most popular fashion icon and follow for her outfits and style . Very versatile, goes to look for other Hollywood diva loves to play with irony as with fashion, colors and design, offering a different image of himself always and never predictable. Only her long red hair remain the same, cotonatissimi during this concert, for the rest Lana Del Rey, who lives in London but was born and raised in New York, likes to have fun experimenting with new silhouettes in an ever increasingly oops.

Besides, she is in essence the original, since the name of art, a combination of the car Ford Del Rey and one of the famous Hollywood actress Lana Turner, transgressive icon and sex symbol of the fifties cult movie "The Postman Always Rings Twice. " Lana Del Rey chose to accessorize her dress funny balloon with a single contrasting color, black. Hence the long string of black pearls and high sandals with ankle strap, very glamorous and feminine.

Usually a red dress with a red so it is not just the maximum matching, and in many advise to those with red hair to wear something that color, but Lana Del Rey with this outfit that shows their own fashion, everything is possible. So, dear readers of Green Gables, never be afraid to dare the color of passion on you will look even sexier!

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