A Olivia Palermo takes very little to be perfect: Kate Moss as part of that rare type of women that can be glamorous wearing any head. In addition, a taste for the unconventional fashion, which makes it a winner. Even this basic and fun outfits proves it!

Olivia chooses a pair of shorts that mimic a miniskirt: the property portfolio makes it one of the leaders of the cabinet a piece inusale easier and more comfortable than usual. If the skirt is sexy, you certainly can not say that it is convenient to get around town. Said and done: this model addresses the need for comfort while mantenedno size really minimal. Inside the shorts Olivia is wearing a white tank top that looks stolen from the wardrobe and underwear for him, as outerwear, opts for a black stretch cotton jacket with three quarter sleeves.

In this look are the accessories to make a difference: manicured nails painted red, one wrist bracelets and golden clock in the other, big dark sunglasses frame with a contrasting animal print and dancers in leopard print. The model wearing Pretty Ballerinas Olivia is signed and is called Ask Marilyn Black Leopard: breaks with humor and without excess minimalism black and white of the rest of the clothes and makes it more fun and glamorous ensemble.

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