Fashion Channel —— Fashion embraces the planet on May 3 at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012. Fifteen Nordic designers and their garments, fabrics made with research, innovative, "officers" made in Italy from eco-library of CLASS An exhibition of dresses and couture created by international designers with the help of the Green Carpet Challenge of Livia Firth, wife of Colin and eco-library of CLASS These are just some of the surprises in store for this event where design and technology are dedicated to sustainable glamor.

The event was organized by NICE, an institution into which the five rooms of the national fashion of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, in cooperation with CLASS, the international platform established in 2007 to promote environmentally friendly products and processes in Textile clothing. The purpose of this meeting is important to show that fashion can be produced in an ethical manner, respecting the environment. C.L.A.S.S. (Creative Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy) in fact provided to fifteen well-known designers, some fabrics and materials from Italian companies, products without harming the environment, to create original fashion glamor and ethical at the same time.

The collaboration between NICE and C.L.A.S.S. began in 2009, with the same goal: to communicate to the consumer that "beautiful and sustainable" is a goal that can and must achieve, through a precise and accurate year plan "code of conduct." Copenhagen is the second major international summit on sustainability in textiles and fashion.

Another important partnership was signed last March between the Green Carpet Challenge, a project created by Livia Firth together with British journalist Lucy Siegle in order to demonstrate that there may be fashionable garments ethically and CLASS, which provides materials and tissues, acts this type of lens. During the Summit in Copenhagen on May 3 there will be an area dedicated to this important agreement which will be exposed couture outfits made by major international designers with fabrics from the library of eco-CLASS The same dress worn by Livia Firth at the recent Golden Globe (Giorgio Armani), shown at the Oscar ceremony (Valentino) and tuxedo created by Colin Firth (Giorgio Armani and Paul Smith) were made according to this principle of fashion and ethics together.

Fashion Channel —— Even for the man the summer of 2012 promises to be colorful and explosive. Winter is over, then the warm welcome and a more relaxed and full of energy that gets translated into less stringent cuts, with floral prints and bright colors. But what are the trendy colors for hot weather?

There is a rebirth and rediscovery of the green, a color has always been considered very special, the confirmation of the blue sky and royal blue and of orange symbol of awakening. The gallery is a selection of shoes, sandals, chinos, sneakers and bags of different brands: Rockport, Sanuk, Haglöfs, Joya and Brooksfield.

Blue with all its variants will be among the must-have colors for summer 2012. Most will focus on discrete pastel colors, while those wanting to be able to opt for the stronger shades of blue. In the gallery you will find a beautiful model of Rockport loafers in two shades of this color. In addition to the beach I recommend flip flops in dark blue sign Sanuk.

And for nature lovers there is the rediscovery of Green: I propose to you from our list comfortable sandals or flip flops and chinos Sanuk teal Brooksfield also offered in orange or purple. Finally there will be the color of the sun and the red symbol of energy and passion of which we mark the Rockport loafers. For those who are already booking an adventure holiday or mountain climbing in the gallery you will find the articles Haglöfs.

Fashion Channel —— How the super light Australian supermodel Elle MacPherson photographed with a perfect look of the city is enjoying the first sunshine of spring finally arrived. Always stylish and sophisticated, very attentive to his every look, "The Body" as has always been known as since the beginning of his meteoric career because of her perfect body simply does not seem at all affected by its 48 springs.

In this shot, wearing a total look signed by Italian designer Ermanno Scervino, a designer that the Australian model-actress is often chosen for their private life for public appearances. Here she is photographed with a stylish look all white embellished with gold details. The beautiful cardigan-jacket is made of a new and fresh tissue, straw macramé and muslin, and the gold rim with crystal embroidered finishes. The top model combines the tastefully already given the importance of outerwear with a top very simple and straightforward, always white, and the pants, just basic, but especially skinny.

Of course they can afford to Elle MacPherson great despite not being a size zero because squalid Elle, discovered at the age of 17 years by Francis Grill and became famous for being featured on the cover of the magazine "Elle" in every issue for six consecutive years ( !), has also always had the curves to the right place and earn as many as five covers of "Sports Illustrated", glossy journal in which the forms and the sex appeal matter how! Very chic and absolutely perfect sandals blacks are more glam with golden details that break the charm of the total look white.

Two phones in hand! But you know, the life of Elle MacPherson is always very intense, at least in the work because love is so-so, indeed, after her divorce from husband Arpad Busson, the French magnate who now expecting a child by his new girlfriend, 42-year old Actress Uma Thurman, was also dumped by her boyfriend, businessman Jeff Soffer, after two years of relationship, a Colombian model of only 25 years!

Fashion Channel —— During the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2012 and the actress Margaret Afef Madè were photographed together during a time of shopping in the downtown streets of the capital Milanese. Two very different women from each other: one dressed in total black, with polished boots and leather jacket for a sharp look from the city and the other is more romantic, who loves bright colors, wearing a jacket with a basic, denim and ballet flats. But in choosing the accessories, especially those of luxury, where luxury, such as Coco Chanel said "is not the opposite of poverty, but of vulgarity."

Both are holding two beautiful bag of luxury brands Fountain Milan 1915. Only change the size: Afef Jnifen choose a mini black crocodile strap with shiny gold chain, very valuable and important, while the lead actress of great film by Giuseppe Tornatore, "Baar", choose a shopping bag in calfskin coral pink. Both bags are of extreme elegance and fruit of the great love of experimentation and design that distinguishes Fountain Milan 1915, Milan brand of adoption because it was born, in fact, in Florence in 1915 thanks to the creative genius of Guido Pieracci that in 1945 the company moved to Milan.

It was here in 1954 thanks to Carlo Massa came the first collection of handbags Fontana, since then become a cult. For nearly 100 years, when you think about Fontana Milan 1915, as with Gucci, another famous brand was born in Florence, it evokes a leather inspired by the origins of the saddle, with his refined techniques, stitching wise, the careful selection of materials and great craftsmanship.

Just these secrets and art of the highest leather bags are full of Fontana Milan 1915, all done in a workmanlike manner, and customers have the opportunity to request tailored solutions, customizing with special shapes and materials in their favorite bag color and detail they desire.

Fashion Channel ——  Victoria's Secret is definitely one of the most glamorous brand of sexy lingerie and women's on the market and unique in the world whose parades turn into planetary show streamed to millions of viewers attracted by the presence on the catwalk of famous Angels, the most beautiful supermodel of the moment they wear, in addition to the new collection of underwear garments, even the majestic white wings as an angel. A breathtaking show. This seductive imagery that comes to mind when you say the name of Victoria's Secret is perhaps the main ingredient of the brand's new fragrance, "Love Is Heavenly" presented recently in New York.

Testimonial of the new fragrance, enclosed in a romantic pink bottle is the beautiful Lindsay Ellingson, which together with two "Angels" Erin Heatherton and Toni Garrn, (she is the one in the middle you see in the picture!), Attended the launch of New York perfume. The three beautiful girls, all blond and blue-eyed, wore fabulous dresses in silk of the new spring-summer 2012 line Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti. Three silk dress is printed all white, ethereal and evanescent, all played on the effect-I can not wait. Fresh, light and bright and so glam enough not to need any particular accessory or jewelry precious to be more fashion.

Less is more, even if the three "Angels" of 'less' have very little. Together in New York seemed almost three nymphs of the spring, wonderful creatures too good to be true. But it happens more so in the face of Victoria's Secret Angels, admiring them both on the catwalk during the spectacular fashion show of designer labels that live in America where, if possible, even more beautiful and perfect. no editing for them and, besides, how could they?

They are models for lingerie, not Hollywood actresses: their bodies are x-rayed every time, during a fashion show, wearing the clothes truly 'minimal' lingerie that ruthlessly put on show every imperfection. Among other things, the three models were not there together for the event: together, in fact, are the testimonials of "Dream Angels Bra Collection" whose sexy adv was shot by Michael Bay to Miami and crazy days ago the web. So Lindsay Ellingson is doubly spokesperson for Victoria's Secret, and for the perfume "Love Is Heavenly" for that special new collection of colorful and sexy bras on sale online.

Fashion Channel ——  Kate Middleton, neo Duchess of Cambridge and the day will celebrate the first anniversary of marriage to Prince William of England, married on 29 April 2011 with a splendid ceremony followed live by millions of people, continues to be considered by the tabloids and the fashionistas all over the world one of the most influential style icons of this new millennium. Aside from his anonymous long hair, always dressed with the usual styling, too perfettini and unoriginal, his put is, however, subject to a cult and all the fashion designers, especially those low cost, worldwide, it ingegnano to reproduce perfectly the animals and the Middleton wears on official occasions and in the most informal.

Its a dress worn in May last year when the new husband came to visit in the States at the White House to meet President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle has occurred in the Internet not only in many variations that depart from the shade of the dress , all the rage this year, but there is even a site in Shanghai for only $ 49.99 sells the exact copy of the dress that Middleton wore Reiss signed in Washington. It is not the first case.

It all started from the ring engagement present from Prince William to seal their love: a large sapphire surrounded by diamonds bright. The web went crazy and everywhere in the world you could find cheap reproductions of the famous ring first belonged to the mother-in-law never known of Middleton, Princess Diana.

As Oscar Wilde said, "imitation is the sincerest form of admiration," and, judging from the thousands of copies of everything that Kate Middleton decides to wear, the Duchess of Cambridge must be very much admired around the world and not only by his British subjects.

Fashion Channel ——  On April 14 last year was the hundredth anniversary of the Titanic disaster, and in theaters these days you can see the remake of the original film of 1997. We Modalizer leave comments and special to this tragic event to the proper authorities and we will just show you how and what was the fashion of wearing women on board. Among the pictures you see in the gallery there are some that are part of an exhibit at the RMS Titanic Inc..

The Titanic departed New York for the month of April and first class passengers, as required, appropriate clothing is brought that summer to winter, but all of the most prestigious luxury fashion houses of Paris and London. The clothing that you saw on board the Titanic at the time reflected the sharp distinction of classes existing in 1912. In the evening, especially, was even more this division, because the first class passengers, on the occasion of the dinner, wore the best clothes in their wardrobe.

For the man was quite simple. The label of the time demanded the coat, white waistcoat and bow tie. For women, however it was necessary to have a very rich and varied wardrobe. The long dress, long gloves and white satin shoes were a must. There were of course missing jewelry and accessories.

The fashion era was marked by brightly colored fabrics, like silk. The sleeves were edged with lace and puffed polsini.Per to the third class instead of the men wore shirts and pants and women long skirts, boots and turtleneck shirts. Also at that time the fashion undergoes a profound change. The style is more free and natural, you start to find out a little behind, you get rid of corsets and bras begin to appear early. The use of makeup changes radically the appearance of women.

Fashion Channel ——   Finally, the unmistakable Joe Rivet is back on the scene and he does, as usual, with a collection in style that will not go unnoticed. No more gray, no more black and white, we carry with us from the winter season, only so much color to accommodate the advancing summer 2012. T-shirts and sweatshirts with a humorous and colorful prints are the centerpiece of these new creations.

 Joe Rivet is one of the most copied designers, because his collections are always very popular with young people: its urban contemporary mood and has many followers! Who has not heard his motto "the BEST is yet to come" (the best is yet to come)? For a while it disappeared from the universe that's fashionable but now reappears full of new ideas. It seems to have been in a secret place to regenerate, but given the time, has decided to return to his factory and get to work with his staff. Joe Rivet, as is known, is a worldly man of refined taste, a connoisseur of art, fashion and good music and its rich cultural heritage and find the fun in this new collection.

Just black, just gray, dull colors now we just want the true color we can not have a life in black and white is a little time to revitalize 'our style and above all smiling and making people smile. Says Joe Rivet

From the unmistakable head bouffant could only have grown ironic t-shirts and sweatshirts with slogans and funny prints, made of lightweight cotton jersey stretch fabric and proposals in the bright colors of summer, perfect to wear with denim five-pocket, sweatpants or fleece Bermuda shorts, for men or women who face life with joy. To complete the proposal, polo shirts and plaid patterns with micro and denim shirts for him, big shirts or tank tops for her. The entire collection, entirely Made in Italy, revolves around the concept of freedom of movement, the leaders adapt to the body and not vice versa.

Fashion Channel ——    In the beautiful island of Capri, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, opened the first store in Pocket teaches Fiorucci, a colorful space of thirty square meters where you can find all the women's collection of clothing, shoes, accessories, eyewear, gifts and all the world of historical brand founded by Elio Fiorucci in Milan in 1967.

The design of the Pocket Store, viewed as a sophisticated corner in which to live an authentic shopping experience, is signed by Fiorucci Design Office in cooperation with IKEA for the construction of the interior and a very fresh and modern concept. An idea colorful, fun, original and irreverent as in the style of the famous Milanese designer labels.

A symbol of transgression and revolution in fashion due to its clothing and accessories designed for a woman who loves life and wants to live intensely, ignoring what others think, or, worse, the 'conformists', Fiorucci chose Capri last March 29th for the launch of a commercial venture and not a case as this wonderful island is populated in the summer of a whole world of tourists and travelers who want to enjoy life, even when dressed eccentrically, finally letting their imagination and their taste for beauty are free to express themselves, free from the cages of the trend of the moment or the dictates of good taste.
The new bet signed Fiorucci was born, then, in a landmark building located in Via Roma 34 Capri, in the heart of the romantic island in the Gulf of Naples, opened to the public with a cocktail and a special invited guest, but also residents to bond with the territory in a simple and friendly.

A toast hopefully auspicious because, after this first Pocket Store, Fiorucci has now opened another two days later, on March 31, in Porto Sant 'Elpidio, in the province of Fermo, Marche, and many other corners will follow soon this month in Grosseto in collaboration with Poli and Pompeii from Cricket Sports. The objective of Fiorucci is to march at a steady pace of about twenty openings a year, soon landed in the foreign markets of countries outside Europe, Middle East, Asia and Russia.

Fashion Channel ——   Not only is the Devil in Prada dress, apparently. The Italian fashion house, after enthusiastically agreed to sponsor the Italian Sailing Federation for the next Olympic Games in London, continues to be a true pioneer of artistic collaborations and, forging relationships with worlds away from her and thus creating very interesting partnership.

To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the famous saga of video game "Final Fantasy" two parallel universes so far, such as fashion and the virtual console game, you have finally met for the first time on the glossy magazine "Arena Homme +", a magazine English male, published by Bauer Publishing House since 1994.

The magazine, which deals mainly with men's fashion has recently published a service that is a real gem collector for the many fans of "Final Fantasy": the main characters of the game produced by Square until 2011 and has sold more than 100 million copies, not including pirate!, are the protagonists of an editorial in which they wear clothes and accessories last Prada Spring / Summer 2012.

From heroes dressed in uniforms of warriors postapocalittici, for once, stop complete their strong and tight leather and fur, with a lot of coats, to wear clothes more modern, and contemporary, perhaps more conventional, at least for our times. The design is certainly interesting, but flipping through the pages of the magazine, despite the excellent results both graphically and completely original idea, one is a bit 'confused.

It's like needing to find cool Clark Kent wears Prada just because we know that when that same man is really Superman. Of course, anyone who prefers a hero with super powers from both suit and cloak to a look, though trendy, signed Prada, unless you also clothes and accessories exclusively by Italian fashion house does not possess magical powers and mysterious.