Fashion Channel —— Fashion embraces the planet on May 3 at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012. Fifteen Nordic designers and their garments, fabrics made with research, innovative, "officers" made in Italy from eco-library of CLASS An exhibition of dresses and couture created by international designers with the help of the Green Carpet Challenge of Livia Firth, wife of Colin and eco-library of CLASS These are just some of the surprises in store for this event where design and technology are dedicated to sustainable glamor.

The event was organized by NICE, an institution into which the five rooms of the national fashion of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, in cooperation with CLASS, the international platform established in 2007 to promote environmentally friendly products and processes in Textile clothing. The purpose of this meeting is important to show that fashion can be produced in an ethical manner, respecting the environment. C.L.A.S.S. (Creative Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy) in fact provided to fifteen well-known designers, some fabrics and materials from Italian companies, products without harming the environment, to create original fashion glamor and ethical at the same time.

The collaboration between NICE and C.L.A.S.S. began in 2009, with the same goal: to communicate to the consumer that "beautiful and sustainable" is a goal that can and must achieve, through a precise and accurate year plan "code of conduct." Copenhagen is the second major international summit on sustainability in textiles and fashion.

Another important partnership was signed last March between the Green Carpet Challenge, a project created by Livia Firth together with British journalist Lucy Siegle in order to demonstrate that there may be fashionable garments ethically and CLASS, which provides materials and tissues, acts this type of lens. During the Summit in Copenhagen on May 3 there will be an area dedicated to this important agreement which will be exposed couture outfits made by major international designers with fabrics from the library of eco-CLASS The same dress worn by Livia Firth at the recent Golden Globe (Giorgio Armani), shown at the Oscar ceremony (Valentino) and tuxedo created by Colin Firth (Giorgio Armani and Paul Smith) were made according to this principle of fashion and ethics together.

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