Fashion Channel ——  On April 14 last year was the hundredth anniversary of the Titanic disaster, and in theaters these days you can see the remake of the original film of 1997. We Modalizer leave comments and special to this tragic event to the proper authorities and we will just show you how and what was the fashion of wearing women on board. Among the pictures you see in the gallery there are some that are part of an exhibit at the RMS Titanic Inc..

The Titanic departed New York for the month of April and first class passengers, as required, appropriate clothing is brought that summer to winter, but all of the most prestigious luxury fashion houses of Paris and London. The clothing that you saw on board the Titanic at the time reflected the sharp distinction of classes existing in 1912. In the evening, especially, was even more this division, because the first class passengers, on the occasion of the dinner, wore the best clothes in their wardrobe.

For the man was quite simple. The label of the time demanded the coat, white waistcoat and bow tie. For women, however it was necessary to have a very rich and varied wardrobe. The long dress, long gloves and white satin shoes were a must. There were of course missing jewelry and accessories.

The fashion era was marked by brightly colored fabrics, like silk. The sleeves were edged with lace and puffed polsini.Per to the third class instead of the men wore shirts and pants and women long skirts, boots and turtleneck shirts. Also at that time the fashion undergoes a profound change. The style is more free and natural, you start to find out a little behind, you get rid of corsets and bras begin to appear early. The use of makeup changes radically the appearance of women.


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