Fashion Channel —— Even for the man the summer of 2012 promises to be colorful and explosive. Winter is over, then the warm welcome and a more relaxed and full of energy that gets translated into less stringent cuts, with floral prints and bright colors. But what are the trendy colors for hot weather?

There is a rebirth and rediscovery of the green, a color has always been considered very special, the confirmation of the blue sky and royal blue and of orange symbol of awakening. The gallery is a selection of shoes, sandals, chinos, sneakers and bags of different brands: Rockport, Sanuk, Haglöfs, Joya and Brooksfield.

Blue with all its variants will be among the must-have colors for summer 2012. Most will focus on discrete pastel colors, while those wanting to be able to opt for the stronger shades of blue. In the gallery you will find a beautiful model of Rockport loafers in two shades of this color. In addition to the beach I recommend flip flops in dark blue sign Sanuk.

And for nature lovers there is the rediscovery of Green: I propose to you from our list comfortable sandals or flip flops and chinos Sanuk teal Brooksfield also offered in orange or purple. Finally there will be the color of the sun and the red symbol of energy and passion of which we mark the Rockport loafers. For those who are already booking an adventure holiday or mountain climbing in the gallery you will find the articles Haglöfs.

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