Fashion Channel ——  Kate Middleton, neo Duchess of Cambridge and the day will celebrate the first anniversary of marriage to Prince William of England, married on 29 April 2011 with a splendid ceremony followed live by millions of people, continues to be considered by the tabloids and the fashionistas all over the world one of the most influential style icons of this new millennium. Aside from his anonymous long hair, always dressed with the usual styling, too perfettini and unoriginal, his put is, however, subject to a cult and all the fashion designers, especially those low cost, worldwide, it ingegnano to reproduce perfectly the animals and the Middleton wears on official occasions and in the most informal.

Its a dress worn in May last year when the new husband came to visit in the States at the White House to meet President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle has occurred in the Internet not only in many variations that depart from the shade of the dress , all the rage this year, but there is even a site in Shanghai for only $ 49.99 sells the exact copy of the dress that Middleton wore Reiss signed in Washington. It is not the first case.

It all started from the ring engagement present from Prince William to seal their love: a large sapphire surrounded by diamonds bright. The web went crazy and everywhere in the world you could find cheap reproductions of the famous ring first belonged to the mother-in-law never known of Middleton, Princess Diana.

As Oscar Wilde said, "imitation is the sincerest form of admiration," and, judging from the thousands of copies of everything that Kate Middleton decides to wear, the Duchess of Cambridge must be very much admired around the world and not only by his British subjects.

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