Fashion Channel —— During the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2012 and the actress Margaret Afef Madè were photographed together during a time of shopping in the downtown streets of the capital Milanese. Two very different women from each other: one dressed in total black, with polished boots and leather jacket for a sharp look from the city and the other is more romantic, who loves bright colors, wearing a jacket with a basic, denim and ballet flats. But in choosing the accessories, especially those of luxury, where luxury, such as Coco Chanel said "is not the opposite of poverty, but of vulgarity."

Both are holding two beautiful bag of luxury brands Fountain Milan 1915. Only change the size: Afef Jnifen choose a mini black crocodile strap with shiny gold chain, very valuable and important, while the lead actress of great film by Giuseppe Tornatore, "Baar", choose a shopping bag in calfskin coral pink. Both bags are of extreme elegance and fruit of the great love of experimentation and design that distinguishes Fountain Milan 1915, Milan brand of adoption because it was born, in fact, in Florence in 1915 thanks to the creative genius of Guido Pieracci that in 1945 the company moved to Milan.

It was here in 1954 thanks to Carlo Massa came the first collection of handbags Fontana, since then become a cult. For nearly 100 years, when you think about Fontana Milan 1915, as with Gucci, another famous brand was born in Florence, it evokes a leather inspired by the origins of the saddle, with his refined techniques, stitching wise, the careful selection of materials and great craftsmanship.

Just these secrets and art of the highest leather bags are full of Fontana Milan 1915, all done in a workmanlike manner, and customers have the opportunity to request tailored solutions, customizing with special shapes and materials in their favorite bag color and detail they desire.

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