Every haute couture shows in Paris Alexis Mabille is always an event, a miracle of design, colors, inventive balance between elegance and extravagance. So when we heard that he would dress in Cannes with her high fashion Lhomeau actresses Elise and Anne Consigny and the duo Les Brigittes, two very popular French singers in the land beyond the Alps, were looking forward to see the look selected for the Cannes Film Festival, a showcase formidable, especially for a young but already established by the multi-talented couturier.

The dress more ladylike etiquette and was worn by actress Elise Lhomeau has chosen a collection of Alexis Mabille Couture look for the premiere of "Holy Motors' director Leos Carax. A dress with flared skirt and bustier with precious embroideries blacks on satin background. Bon chic bon genre, really delicious. Much more glam and color of the season, the powder-pink, the dress that the actress Anne Consigny chose to wear for the presentation of the film "Vous n'avez encore rien vu" of the brilliant French director Alain Resnais.

It is part of the collection Alexis Mabille Couture Spring-Summer 2012 and is a model ultra-feminine with bustier close, marked by a large bow at the waist, which then opens into a long cloud of tulle with a slight train. A model of a real princess, perfect for a red carpet! Finally, thanks to Alexis Mabille we got to know two artists very bizarre, Les Brigittes, the French duo of singers in vogue in the land beyond the Alps. The two, very funny and brilliant, that played along with the original photographers, performing in many poses, were always in Cannes for the premiere of the movie "Vous n'avez encore rien vu" by director Alain Resnais.
Aurélie Saadaha wore a long dress embellished with a tobacco-colored fur shrugs Alexis Mabille Couture collection of autumn / winter 2011-2012, while Sylvie Hauro opted instead for a long silk dress draped with fringes Degradée always the same winter collection of Alexis Mabille Couture in about a month we are anxious to see in Paris with his new couture collection.

The beautiful Milla Jovovich, a former model and now actress and former wife, among others, by French director Luc Besson which turned the film "The Fifth Element" with Bruce Willis, was presented to 65sima edition of the Cannes Film Festival with a pink dress by Prada that has left everyone a bit 'puzzled by the line asymmetric, and the décor is not strapped into crystals that looked almost as many snowflakes. Yet in the past put exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival this year, as the interesting pop-futuristic dress by Atelier Versace dress and the elegant long Prada, scollatissimo, covered with gold sequins and jewels on board maxi, Milla had been noticed for its extreme elegance.

But you know, just anything to precipitate from the Olympus of the best dressed star at the limbo of those who, because of their taste or their inexplicable stylist, have made an unfortunate choice of style and are now paying the price. The stunning body of Milla certainly deserved far more of these drapes that look like improvised and fattened mercilessly, pinned at random. There is couture, there is no poetry. A dress simply wrong. The only cool apparel that is both a shoulder and inside there is a Jovovich, otherwise it would really just be forgotten.

As if not enough of the décor swaroski to rain throughout the dress, the gorgeous Milla decided to give a touch more light (another?) To its look, choosing accessories, all designed by Swarovski. So, for the premiere of "On the Road" actress of Russian origin has chosen the clutch Swarovski "Power Pink" earrings "Molly", the cuff "Relate" and bangle "Silver Ready" which individually are really very beautiful, but worn together you risk overdosing on swaroski very difficult to digest. The effect of "Our Lady of Pompeii", overdressed, bulging with accessories is around the corner, even with Milla Jovovich is all over the papers.

Chopard, a Swiss company known for luxury watches and jewelry, is always one of the great stars of the Cannes Film Festival which each year makes it more exciting, glamorous and effervescent with his party and its awards ever organized for the purpose of charity.

This year, after celebrating, complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony performed by the wonderful Eva Herzigova total style, Prada, the reopening of the Chopard boutique in Cannes on the Croisette, Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, ie "Lady Chopard," he then started the whirlwind of parties for which Cannes is famous and has organized a Charity Dinner for Haiti to support the foundation with guests Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain as beautiful Clotilde Courau wearing the beautiful jewels of the house.

The name of Chopard has always been tied hand in glove with the world of charity so that you do not count as humanitarian endeavors in which the Swiss fashion house has actually dropped in the box to give its contribution to social causes very important, by funding medical research and charities with sincere generosity. This year onwards, the house was really more glamorous than ever. Not only has created a collection of exclusive jewelery in homage to the spiritual godmother of this Festival, Marilyn Monroe, who died in August of exactly fifty years ago, in 1962, but has also created the famous 'Golden Palm', the prize coveted by actors and directors in competition: a crystal-cut emerald with glued a thin golden palm at the base of his shaft with a heart, a symbol of the house.

Since 2001, Chopard annually awards the "Chopard Trophy" actor and actress revelation of the year. In the halls of the Hotel Martinez in Cannes, in the presence of big film, Sean Penn, godfather of the prestigious "Chopard Trophy 2012", now in its 11th edition, awarded Shailene Woodley and Ezra Miller, and after the ceremony, everyone reached the terrace of Chopard Lounge for an evening of elegant and exclusive.

In a refined atmosphere for all guests, including Marion Cotillard, Fan Bing Bing, Eva Herzigova, Roberta Armani, Paz Vega and Harvey Weinstein, were able to attend an exclusive performance of Lana Del Rey. Finally, at the premiere of the movie "Lawless", Caroline Scheufele and the Weinstein Company have organized a lavish party at Baoli Beach with guests Guy Pierce, Jason Clarke, Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy.

It was the first screening ever ever held in Cannes at midnight in 65 years' Festival. The honor is touched last night at the Italian horror king Dario Argento, who has brought her out of competition "Dracula 3D", a film that has divided the critics. The model is the original Dracula of Bram Stoker's Dracula starring Thomas Kretschmann in the role of Count Dracula, Asia Argento in that of Lucy, a vampire and no sincere friend of the beautiful Mina, Dracula's reincarnated wife who manages to escape his fate.

Mina is played by the beautiful Martha Gastini that yesterday on the red carpet was presented in a total white look signed Alberta Ferretti. The flashbulbs of the paparazzi were all for her, as well as Asia Argento. Two completely different women, her look: he pitonata for Asia Argento with deep side slits and virginal white dress for Gastini, more chastened.

As the daughter of the director has always been considered, despite the shy and reserved, a very restless and unconventional data, whether his eventful past sentimental, Martha Gastini the gossip columns and gossip for the time they are fasting, so there remains than focusing on his talent as an actress and her beauty as a woman.

On the red carpet that led to the exclusive midnight screening was bright and happy to be first among the protagonists of the Festival's most prestigious and glamorous in the world. After working with Leonardo Pieraccioni in "Marilyn & Me" and the international series "The Borgias", playing the role of Giulia Farnese, with Dario Argento is the international consecration arrived.

Yesterday on the Croisette was very elegant in her white bustier dress by Alberta Ferretti belonging to the autumn / winter 2012-2013. Carved almost like a fan on the bodice with a skillful game of streaks, then opened free and light transparent fabric in a delicate, ethereal and sophisticated. A grand soiree dress that wowed the crowd. Holding a curious clutch pitonata red, Marta Gastini has chosen a parure of jewels and precious hairstyle and makeup perfect, a true diva.

The Cannes Film Festival is inizato May 16 and will conclude on Sunday 27. President of the Jury of this 64th edition is the Italian director Nanni Moretti: waiting to appreciate the films will be screened Modalizer sbirciamo us, as we like to do every year, looks to the stars, to the sound of that sumptuous clothes and high fashion battle it out in terms of glamor.

We can only comiciare speaking of the unmatchable, always beautiful and charming, Jane Fonda: there are those who would sign (and this writer is in the front row) to get to his age in such brilliant condition. For the record, the years are 75 and the wrinkles were not smoothed by Botox: no plastic effect, of Jane, only breathtakingly beautiful and timeless that can outperform much younger colleagues. She wore a Atelier Versace signed a second skin, metallic-colored powder, gently glows with golden-bronze bodice was applied to a flesh-colored tulle which covered his arms and chest, which for obvious reasons registries are not toned as ever.

Eva Herzigova also beautiful, even if the dress by Dolce & Gabbana wearing reminded me a little 'too much wedding dresses: long, tight without excess, decorated with crystals and lace work, round neckline very feminine and delicate. Eva wore a neck creating breathtaking signed Chopard diamonds. For the actress Hiam Aabbas a Moschino dress black and white with shiny narrow belt under the bust that, unfortunately, gave her a size bigger. Eva Longoria chose a voluminous Marchesa gown with a train importantly, ice-blue, with front neckline that mimicked a spray of shrubs and back completely bare.

Diane Kruger chose a Giambattista Valli evanescent and ethereal one-shoulder, draped in silk and curvy, which is beautifully interwoven to form delicate draperies, like the clothes that were worn in ancient Rome: the delicate green color was perfect for the clear and bright of her complexion. The lovely French actressVirginie Ledoyen has opted for a strapless dress by Elie Saab, in a deep forest green and best choice for brown like her: two celebs have chosen the green (in two completely different versions) for the red carpet at Cannes. It is good to mark this nuance as a real must-summer 2012!

Regal in a beautiful black dress transparent so the actress Charlize Theron has been on the red carpet at the London premiere of the film "Snow White and the Huntsman", a new version of Snow White (also in the cast are Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth). The dress worn by the diva is a beautiful evening dress by Christian Dior Haute Couture.

Despite the very transparent dress Charlize Theron itself as one of most elegant women of Hollywood.

By now everyone knows who he is. The required only one week to say goodbye to the limbo of eternal promise and become a fashion stylist cry, even though now comes the difficult: stay on top, continue to prove their worth. But there seem to be all the premises. We're talking about Roland Mouret, creator of the now famous long white dress with vertiginous gap that Kate Middleton has chosen to wear a few nights ago at a social event at Claridge's in London, showing beautiful legs hoisted on heels 12 of Jimmy Choo silver sandals.

From this incident, which caused a scandal in England for non-compliance label from the real Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of the possible future king of England, the French designer, author of the dress of discord, has made advertising immense, as often happens in these cases. What designer does not dream of dressing Kate Middleton? He is not only successful, but has also been able to dress her in a totally unconventional, building an image for her light years away from the usual etiquette and precisina which is often obliged to submit. But his week of glory did not end here.

At the MET Ball 2012, which preceded the official opening of the exhibition "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations" at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Roland Mouret has presented on the red carpet accompanied by one of the most beautiful women in the world, the top Dutch model Doutzen Kroes, who wore a unique opportunity for creating black & white Mouret, optical and taste with a game of asymmetries on the bodice that enlivened with the simple and rigorous style of the dress. And not only. The beautiful pair of sandals, model "Querry," the house of Roland Mouret Robert Clergerie was that the French fashion house is artistic director, demonstrating its versatility in designing not only very stylish clothing, but also fabulous accessories.

With her hair like a Hollywood star and makeup of a true diva, Doutzen Kroes for Roland Mouret proved the best possible choice for the MET Ball 2012. And how could it be otherwise? We're talking about a woman who is a true fashion legend: the protagonist of the Pirelli calendar, countless print campaigns, such as Valentino, Gucci and Versace, as well as testimonials of the perfume "Eternity" by Calvin Klein, has also recently become a Angels by Victoria's Secret!

Divissima is a brand of lingerie and beachwear from Milan, who last spring-summer 2012 presented a series of bikinis in the skin that are a bit 'the dream of every woman, tired of having to go to sea wearing synthetic fabrics, would like to dress, if not of silk, organza and crepe, that is, with noble fabrics, glamorous and important, least of skin, to feel sexy, and trendy diva.

The problem of elegant fabrics and couture is that they are not waterproof, which is not just a detail!, So the chemistry has helped us years to create artificial tissues very elastic, the best fitting and very comfortable. Yet there is always someone who is looking for something more to get noticed on the beach and have a unique look in the endless sea of ​​beachwear proposals of Italian and international.

The trend jungle fever this year is stronger than ever. No longer counted in the various collections of designer labels in python and crocodile accessories presented in a pop style and iridescent make it an absolute must-have. But without the luxury reptile, the skin, which is, remember, the first fabric ever worn by a woman in the history of mankind, but the fig leaf of Eve!, Well that even the most natural of all, dall'appeal dall'allure ethno chic and strong, is always a pretty sight, and when worn, gives suffered a hyper-feminine and seductive charm.

For summer 2012 Divissima has designed swimwear leather made from water resistant leather, exclusive and unique. The beachwear collection in leather signed by Divissima is strictly limited edition and offers a wide range of models made exclusively in Italy. The line of swimsuits for women Divissima is distinguished by the small size of her micro bikini. There are even models transparent, shorts, tops, sarongs, beach robes and beach wear lots of accessories that make it more original and glam up your look Divissima.

The origins of the Spanish photographer Diego Diaz Marin returns to propose to her vibrant colors in some fashion shots, which speaks of summer with the sun, the sea, as the protagonists, and his favorite model, Fabiola Gomez. The shooting is called "Out of Paparazzi" and tells the story of an American girl on the run fleeing to arrive in Italy in the prestigious resorts in Porto Santo Stefano.

A story that speaks without a doubt very fresh summer colors such as in the scenarios. There are colors in this service full of energy and the ironic element, characteristic of the photograph of Diego Diaz Marin, demonstrating carattare the photographer who always manages to preserve and express their distinctive identity art.

Look worn by the model in a series of circular Roberto Cavalli and jewels Schield Collection, Fabiola Gomez wears the costume in various shots is Appareal America.

Just in the advertising campaign of the jewels Schield had already seen the eccentric and quirky picture of Diego Diaz Marin as dedicated to the shooting GIPSI Crisis or in the spring summer 2012 campaign Aquazzura of shoes, the young shoe brand born from the work of designer Edgardo Osorio .

Fashion Channel ——  Original, sophisticated and directly from the beaches of Brazil to the collection by Amir Slama Yamamay. The designer has joined the project this year "Copacabana 16" a line of swimwear designed in collaboration with Brazilian designers. Combined bikini, swimsuits by the colors and unusual shapes.

Among the models of the cutting edge One Piece (a model of a bra with a single structure which makes the fit very comfortable and sexy). The line is completed with kaftans, shirts and pants with soft shapes to fit an alternative. A capsule collection of contemporary elegance of which is very satisfied with Gianluigi Cimmino, CEO and Yamamay Carpisa with Amir Slama who found a perfect blend of style and harmony of their vision on the Brazilian custom, perfectly in tune with the brand Yamamay.

The Brazilian bikini was indeed a very interesting story that binds to the culture of this country that is growing slowly. The Brazilian bikini is closely coupled to the image of the Brazilian woman. Two small pieces of tissue that can identify themselves in the Brazilian fashion world to become the synonym. The Brazilian fashion today is the synthesis of mix racial, social, cultural, religious, which have grown up in the country since the colonial period, passing through the first phase of the imperial and republican then, the tireless pursuit of a national identity that is perhaps in bikini its most happy and joyous.