The beautiful Milla Jovovich, a former model and now actress and former wife, among others, by French director Luc Besson which turned the film "The Fifth Element" with Bruce Willis, was presented to 65sima edition of the Cannes Film Festival with a pink dress by Prada that has left everyone a bit 'puzzled by the line asymmetric, and the décor is not strapped into crystals that looked almost as many snowflakes. Yet in the past put exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival this year, as the interesting pop-futuristic dress by Atelier Versace dress and the elegant long Prada, scollatissimo, covered with gold sequins and jewels on board maxi, Milla had been noticed for its extreme elegance.

But you know, just anything to precipitate from the Olympus of the best dressed star at the limbo of those who, because of their taste or their inexplicable stylist, have made an unfortunate choice of style and are now paying the price. The stunning body of Milla certainly deserved far more of these drapes that look like improvised and fattened mercilessly, pinned at random. There is couture, there is no poetry. A dress simply wrong. The only cool apparel that is both a shoulder and inside there is a Jovovich, otherwise it would really just be forgotten.

As if not enough of the décor swaroski to rain throughout the dress, the gorgeous Milla decided to give a touch more light (another?) To its look, choosing accessories, all designed by Swarovski. So, for the premiere of "On the Road" actress of Russian origin has chosen the clutch Swarovski "Power Pink" earrings "Molly", the cuff "Relate" and bangle "Silver Ready" which individually are really very beautiful, but worn together you risk overdosing on swaroski very difficult to digest. The effect of "Our Lady of Pompeii", overdressed, bulging with accessories is around the corner, even with Milla Jovovich is all over the papers.

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