Divissima is a brand of lingerie and beachwear from Milan, who last spring-summer 2012 presented a series of bikinis in the skin that are a bit 'the dream of every woman, tired of having to go to sea wearing synthetic fabrics, would like to dress, if not of silk, organza and crepe, that is, with noble fabrics, glamorous and important, least of skin, to feel sexy, and trendy diva.

The problem of elegant fabrics and couture is that they are not waterproof, which is not just a detail!, So the chemistry has helped us years to create artificial tissues very elastic, the best fitting and very comfortable. Yet there is always someone who is looking for something more to get noticed on the beach and have a unique look in the endless sea of ​​beachwear proposals of Italian and international.

The trend jungle fever this year is stronger than ever. No longer counted in the various collections of designer labels in python and crocodile accessories presented in a pop style and iridescent make it an absolute must-have. But without the luxury reptile, the skin, which is, remember, the first fabric ever worn by a woman in the history of mankind, but the fig leaf of Eve!, Well that even the most natural of all, dall'appeal dall'allure ethno chic and strong, is always a pretty sight, and when worn, gives suffered a hyper-feminine and seductive charm.

For summer 2012 Divissima has designed swimwear leather made from water resistant leather, exclusive and unique. The beachwear collection in leather signed by Divissima is strictly limited edition and offers a wide range of models made exclusively in Italy. The line of swimsuits for women Divissima is distinguished by the small size of her micro bikini. There are even models transparent, shorts, tops, sarongs, beach robes and beach wear lots of accessories that make it more original and glam up your look Divissima.

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