Fashion Channel ——  Christy Turlington is opposed to the celebration of Mother's Day: How many ad hoc holidays, has become an excuse to fatten the pockets of jewelers, perfumeries, and florists a way to pay tribute to mothers gratitude for the role.

But is not the consuminsmo linked to the party that wants to fight Christy is the reality of which we speak so little, he sees more than 360 thousand women die in childbirth every year, especially in less developed PAEI. The Turlington, with the No Mother's Day and the foundation she created Every Mother Counts, aims to change things or at least to give the phenomenon the importance it deserves.

The children of Grace and Finn call Christy: have the good fortune of having a woman as a mother very active in social issues, a degree in art history, classical, combative, determined and of course beautiful and a true knack for business.
Known more for being, along with Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Helena Christensen, Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford, one of the most famous supermodels of the nineties, Christy has also posed nude for PETA animal rights causes.

To all the mothers of the world Christy makes an invitation: Sunday, May 13 did not respond to the sms cards, do not accept flowers, perfumes and gifts, do not go to the restaurant, not celebratory exchanged links on social networks. Literally disappeared from circulation: your absence, as women and as mothers, you realize how your role accounts and is important not only within the strictly family, but at the most global and general. That's the ultimate meaning of the No Mother's Day.

The other absence that Christy wants to bring out is that, heartless and tragic, hundreds of thousands of women who die each year trying to become mothers: The day of Mother's Day will die a thousand women, is one of the slogans of the campaign, which sees protagonists including actresses Jennifer Connelly and Debra Messing. Instead of the usual scented soap Christy invites us to give our mothers a donation to the foundation Every Mother Counts in their name: it is a small gesture that will make them happy, and may help women less fortunate than us to realize the dream of a lifetime!

Fashion Channel ——  Once she was the it girl of the Upper East Side but now it seems that her cousin Lola, Ella Rae Peck, is raising the scepter, despite this, the beautiful Serena van der Woodsen, though dead with envy, continues to give us interesting look, excellent as a source of inspiration. In the episode It Girl Interrupted Serena wears a sober look at the same time very trendy where you play on the juxtaposition of animal print.

A leopard print blouse, a shirt from Topshop we can find similar for less than 20 €, paired with a pleated chiffon skirt with black geometric designs on a cream background of Haute Hippie, black stockings and high heels as always.

Above Serena of Gossip Girl wearing a trench coat with cream of Gryphon neck with jewel decorations, in contrast and at the same time combined with the shirt leorpardata in the hands sporting a zebra-striped handbag by Diane von Furstenberg. Not bad combination of the various animal print, of course, carefully designed by Eric Daman stylst series.

To complete the look of Serena no earrings, but only precious stone necklaces, two, one of amestista Bounkit Green, $ 1.190, and the other is the model of Grace Melanie Auld Designs for sale at $ 375.

Fashion Channel —— How many times have we dreamed as children imagining the glass slipper that the Prince was trying to Cinderella, discovering that she was the mysterious girl fled at midnight, which had fallen in love according to the most romantic of love at first sight? Looking out the Disney cartoon, inspired by this tale, we also made an idea of ​​how it could be this wonderful glass slipper: bright, clear, with the tip slightly rounded and not quite stiletto heels, indeed, very comfortable and certainly in vogue in the year when the Disney produced and released this cult-film animation, 1950. But who knows how it will be in reality a glass slipper ...

Certainly not very comfortable, unless to make, not only real, but also beautiful and stylish is not called directly from Walt Disney Studios the extraordinary French designer Christian Louboutin shoes, whose signature style, well known to all, is the famous red sole that has all of his creations. Louboutin was commissioned by Disney to transform into reality the legendary shoes of Cinderella in an important year for him and for the same Cinderella.

These days, in fact, Louboutin is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his career with a wonderful retrospective of his cult models at the London Design Museum, while Disney is about to launch this winter for a Diamond Edition of "Cinderella" in the Blue version -ray. The shoe "Cinderella" signed by Christian Louboutin does not know anything yet. With what material will be made and how many models?

Probably it will be an exclusive limited edition that will unleash a lot of hunting and many Disney collectors 'addicted': fashion addicted, addicted to shoes, Louboutin addicted .. the list is long and we look forward to this summer to enjoy this gem. Will Christian Louboutin to make real a dream, while maintaining the aura of magic and romance that always surrounds this tale?

Fashion Channel —— It took time before the former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham was taken seriously in its efforts to fashion designers, models initially sported her only friend Eva Longoria, but then with the passage of time seems the designer has succeeded in being a space in the fashion world.

Now his designs are more than appreciated and worn by celebrities like Julia Roberts from important, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow and many many others who were unwilling to say no to clothes simple and extremely feminine VB.

While Victoria continues to be criticatissima for its lack of expression, can not see her smile and her plastic forms, and its excessive thinness, which has led also to make absurd statements about the average size of his audience, at the end, she is also arrived success, especially among celebrities, this target with perfect forms, which are designed for his clothes. It is a fact that the creations of Victoria Beackham have itself as a model, so its unlikely they will be equally well worn clothes from the bodies too shapely.

Her creations are always characterized by a minimal chic style, determined by straight cuts, solid colors and close to the body, have become a must and a guarantee of class and elegance that seems to be just like the celebrities who know VB dressing Do not wear anything fancy but always dresses very simple and elegant.