Fashion Channel —— How many times have we dreamed as children imagining the glass slipper that the Prince was trying to Cinderella, discovering that she was the mysterious girl fled at midnight, which had fallen in love according to the most romantic of love at first sight? Looking out the Disney cartoon, inspired by this tale, we also made an idea of ​​how it could be this wonderful glass slipper: bright, clear, with the tip slightly rounded and not quite stiletto heels, indeed, very comfortable and certainly in vogue in the year when the Disney produced and released this cult-film animation, 1950. But who knows how it will be in reality a glass slipper ...

Certainly not very comfortable, unless to make, not only real, but also beautiful and stylish is not called directly from Walt Disney Studios the extraordinary French designer Christian Louboutin shoes, whose signature style, well known to all, is the famous red sole that has all of his creations. Louboutin was commissioned by Disney to transform into reality the legendary shoes of Cinderella in an important year for him and for the same Cinderella.

These days, in fact, Louboutin is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his career with a wonderful retrospective of his cult models at the London Design Museum, while Disney is about to launch this winter for a Diamond Edition of "Cinderella" in the Blue version -ray. The shoe "Cinderella" signed by Christian Louboutin does not know anything yet. With what material will be made and how many models?

Probably it will be an exclusive limited edition that will unleash a lot of hunting and many Disney collectors 'addicted': fashion addicted, addicted to shoes, Louboutin addicted .. the list is long and we look forward to this summer to enjoy this gem. Will Christian Louboutin to make real a dream, while maintaining the aura of magic and romance that always surrounds this tale?

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