Fashion Channel —— It took time before the former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham was taken seriously in its efforts to fashion designers, models initially sported her only friend Eva Longoria, but then with the passage of time seems the designer has succeeded in being a space in the fashion world.

Now his designs are more than appreciated and worn by celebrities like Julia Roberts from important, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow and many many others who were unwilling to say no to clothes simple and extremely feminine VB.

While Victoria continues to be criticatissima for its lack of expression, can not see her smile and her plastic forms, and its excessive thinness, which has led also to make absurd statements about the average size of his audience, at the end, she is also arrived success, especially among celebrities, this target with perfect forms, which are designed for his clothes. It is a fact that the creations of Victoria Beackham have itself as a model, so its unlikely they will be equally well worn clothes from the bodies too shapely.

Her creations are always characterized by a minimal chic style, determined by straight cuts, solid colors and close to the body, have become a must and a guarantee of class and elegance that seems to be just like the celebrities who know VB dressing Do not wear anything fancy but always dresses very simple and elegant.

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