It was the first screening ever ever held in Cannes at midnight in 65 years' Festival. The honor is touched last night at the Italian horror king Dario Argento, who has brought her out of competition "Dracula 3D", a film that has divided the critics. The model is the original Dracula of Bram Stoker's Dracula starring Thomas Kretschmann in the role of Count Dracula, Asia Argento in that of Lucy, a vampire and no sincere friend of the beautiful Mina, Dracula's reincarnated wife who manages to escape his fate.

Mina is played by the beautiful Martha Gastini that yesterday on the red carpet was presented in a total white look signed Alberta Ferretti. The flashbulbs of the paparazzi were all for her, as well as Asia Argento. Two completely different women, her look: he pitonata for Asia Argento with deep side slits and virginal white dress for Gastini, more chastened.

As the daughter of the director has always been considered, despite the shy and reserved, a very restless and unconventional data, whether his eventful past sentimental, Martha Gastini the gossip columns and gossip for the time they are fasting, so there remains than focusing on his talent as an actress and her beauty as a woman.

On the red carpet that led to the exclusive midnight screening was bright and happy to be first among the protagonists of the Festival's most prestigious and glamorous in the world. After working with Leonardo Pieraccioni in "Marilyn & Me" and the international series "The Borgias", playing the role of Giulia Farnese, with Dario Argento is the international consecration arrived.

Yesterday on the Croisette was very elegant in her white bustier dress by Alberta Ferretti belonging to the autumn / winter 2012-2013. Carved almost like a fan on the bodice with a skillful game of streaks, then opened free and light transparent fabric in a delicate, ethereal and sophisticated. A grand soiree dress that wowed the crowd. Holding a curious clutch pitonata red, Marta Gastini has chosen a parure of jewels and precious hairstyle and makeup perfect, a true diva.

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