As part of the Digital Signage Expo (DSE), the leading worldwide event for the field of interaction and digital signage, Benetton Windows Live, the digital signage project for selected developed by Fabrica Benetton flagship store, has won the His first "Gold Apex Award" in the Retail category. The prestigious prize, awarded by a jury of trade journalists during a gala happening lggendario to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, was withdrawn directly by the project for Fabrica, Alfio Pozzoni and Project Manager of Benetton Windows Live, John Flore, both very happy and excited.

It is, indeed, a very important award. But we go into detail to find out what exactly is Benetton Windows Live. It is a centrally managed network by Fabrica, thanks to advanced software architecture, connects in real time 10 Benetton flagship store located all over the world, from New Delhi to Moscow, from London to Shanghai. Everything revolves around the window and cooperation with academies Fabrica international multimedia design.

The showcase, always emotional and visual point of contact between the brand and the user is no longer occupied by mannequins, but by huge high-definition video wall designed by young talents of academies around the world. The store is transformed into a "place-based digital media", interconnected with the other stores around the world. A real shopping experience that begins as soon as you set foot in the store, but even from outside, outside, when a window is more than a showcase, it's art, at all latitudes.

Fabrica is committed as well, specifically, to support and promote young creativity, a philosophy which then of course it also reflects a mood of giving him fresher brand, digital, live. The goal is to attract consumers' attention he walks through the streets of surprise and provocation, even with content related to current issues and social background. In addition to London, Moscow, Shanghai and New Delhi, the "digital place-based media" designed by Fabrica Benetton in Milan, Barcelona, ​​Monaco and Munich and very soon in Paris and New York.

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