Female physiological changes of pregnancy can cause even make pregnant Mommy of oral diseases increased, if the pregnancy toothache or bleeding gums and other symptoms can not take medicine but also unbearable mothers will emotionally unstable to the fetus impact , so pre-pregnancy check not only to project concerned with routine blood and urine, dental health is very important.

1. Periodontal

Estrogen during pregnancy increases, poor immune function, the the plaque colonies ecological change, these changes make gums angiogenesis, vascular permeability enhancement, periodontal tissue plaque local irritation heavier, and thus give rise to blood vessels hyperplasia and inflammation, but also some other periodontal problems, such as periodontal puffy, loose teeth, swollen ulcer.

The study found that the Bulletin boards more severe periodontal disease, the greater the chance of preterm birth and low birthweight. So, before pregnancy should be inspection system for the treatment of periodontal disease, eliminate inflammation, remove plaque, tartar and other local incentives.

2 caries

Dental caries is usually called "tooth decay", due to the changes in pregnancy eating habits and physical condition, Bulletin boards easily ignore oral hygiene, food residue attached to the tooth surface, so that an increase in oral bacteria, and food residue carbon and water compounds fermentation acid can cause tooth decalcification, the formation of dental caries.

Pregnancy if there dental caries, often because of pregnancy increase the development of tooth decay. If pregnancy does not fill cavities and the development of deep caries or acute pulpitis, pain would cause tossing and turning, unable to sleep at night. And the survey shows that the mother has tooth decay, also greatly increased the possibility of the next generation suffering from tooth decay. So, before pregnancy cure tooth decay, are responsible for themselves and their baby's health.

3 impacted wisdom tooth

Impacted wisdom tooth is the the mouth last one molar (commonly known as "post-molar), and if you can not fully erupted, part of the tooth gums covered. Before pregnancy impacted teeth not unplug, plus the on plaque accumulation, impacted teeth around the gums will be inflamed swelling at any time cause pericoronitis attack, accompanied by tissue space infection, make your cheeks swelling trismus, unable to eat. If the inflammation was controlled in a timely manner, but also the cavernous sinus phlebitis, severe threat to the lives of Bulletin boards. Oral examination before pregnancy, if any, need to pull the impacted teeth must be removed as soon as possible, in order to avoid future trouble.

4. Residual root and crown

If the pregnancy before the residual root and crown without the timely processing Bulletin boards easy its surrounding inflammatory sore gums. Therefore, the residual crown and root on or before has done root canal treatment significantly teeth with apical lesions should be treated early, or tooth, or prosthesis to avoid during pregnancy pain.

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