Fashion Channel ——    Kate Winslet in London for the official presentation of the 3D version of Titanic, film box office records entered in film history, wore a beautiful black silk gown with plunging neckline embellished with Swarovski showy decorations. The applications are ofSwarovski completely contrasting short sleeves of the dress and are also used fordecoration joy at the waist, two elements that confer extreme brightness of the dress.

The beautiful dress, cinched at the waist by a drape, is signed by designer JennyPackham, much adored on the set of Gossip Girl and Kate Middleton who repeatedlywore his creations include the coincidence of dress between Blair Waldorf and KateMiddleton .

To complete the look prezioni jewelry and vintage-inspired hairdo. After 15 years from the original version of Titanic, Kate Winslet has passed the ordeal splendidly the RedCarpet, this time, in the absence of co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, is accompanied only by the director James Cameron. Indeed we would like to say that since 1997, despite thepassage of time and his face marked by a few wrinkles of expression between the twoRed Carpet is no doubt that what you approve.

For the presentation of Titanic Kate Winslet, accompanied by a young LeonardoDiCaprio, had worn a dress in black lace slip loose and far too little to the occasionemphasized that the hips are too big extolling its disproportions, all this today is no longer noticed during the years Kate has taken the best choices of style and a little 'dietwith obvious results. 

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