Gucci has a soul baroque and sensual for the pre-fall campaign 2012: the choice of testimonial fell on two young and talented models, Karmen Pedaru & Nadja Bender Luxuriate that perfectly interpret this mood in the shots signed Mert & Marcus.

Gucci and his soul opulent and extremely sensual is represented in the shots on time in full color, full-bodied: red wine and velvet predominate throughout, combined with Baroque wisdom in gold, green, teal, black and animal print: Karmen Pedaru and Nadja Bender Luxuriate are portrayed in languid poses and feline, bandaged dresses in velvet tones magnetic and deep that highlight the alabaster complexion and auburn hair left loose and long-wave women, in sharp contrast with the blaze of color around their statuesque bodies . A living room luxurious and full of details backdrop to their icy figures and becomes an integral part of the shootings, blending perfectly into the opulent and sensual mood of Gucci for fall 2012.

Back to them, Mert & Marcus, the magical duo of fashion from the very talented visual and infinite creativity: they have the rare ability to capture the essence of the concept of a collection and a fashion house and turn it into instant enormous power iconic. They managed to radically change the image a little 'demodè Rocco Barocco, with ADV apt for this change of course, starring the lace matched with gothic lips and pale skin, for Versace F / W 2012-2013 serves as the master black and white aggressive, sleek and modern, with Natalia Vodianova for Stella McCartney the couple has chosen to focus on irony and the joy of the overlay technique pachwork.
This year, Vogue, the fashion magazine world's best, makes 120 years of uninterrupted history and success: an opportunity for the photographer Norman Jean Roy has created a portfolio with the under 45 most influential personalities in the fashion world. Kristen was pictured with the designer Nicolas Ghesquière and, among other beautiful faces iconic, there are also to Peter Dundas (Emilio Pucci creative director), Diane Kruger, Claudia Schiffer, Stella McCartney, Stella Tennant, Riccardo Tisci, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, Alexander Wang, Raf Simons and Florence Welch.

The initiative of Vogue has also produced a wonderful video with the soundtrack doused, performed by American indie rock band DIIV, where you can admire the backstage shootings of the sequences of the movie are punctuated by still images of the beautiful shots that Norman Jean Roy has done. You go from New York to London to Paris, in a series of location and familiar faces in the fashion biz who were able, with their creativity and immense talent, be rewarded by the most authoritative journal in the field.

The image of Kristen, sometimes so much criticized because of the reluctance to expend the actress smiles in public, it is not out of place in this series of iconic personality: Despite the controversies, scandals love and keep the paparazzi stalking can not wait to catch her, Stewart seems to be able to cope without problems for the gossip and the show system, which so often proves to be ruthless and humanity, ready to trample on the sensibilities of anyone just to get a cover from collection records.
It is increasingly evident in the fashion world as the trend in the beauty of Asia, which begins to impose its models as style icons. The last Miss World 2012, the Chinese Yu Wenxia, ​​elected at the world famous beauty pageant held this year for the first time in Ordos, Mongolia.

The new Miss World is 23 years old and is a student of music. Splendid in his long blue dress studded with Swarovski has received from the hands of the former Miss World 2011, the coveted crown of world's most beautiful. It is not a case that has won her own. For several years the East are gaining more ground and plastic surgery to reduce the almond eyes and look to the top western decreased.

It's not a coincidence, but a careful marketing strategy, in fact, if Gucci has entrusted one of his last campaigns aimed at fine prints of the actress and singer Li Bingbing and in the past Calvin Klein chose as his spokesperson Liu Wen, the China's most famous model of the world. The latest advertising pages of Giorgio Armani protagonists often see beautiful models from Eastern exotic beauty and refined, haughty and sophisticated.

A mood almost aristocratic distinguishes them from their Western colleagues, and many designers do not fail to emphasize. Where once the models were chosen from Eastern to be their brand ambassador in the countries of the Rising Sun, is now the face of the brand worldwide. In addition to an idea of ​​sophisticated femininity, less explicit and more mysterious than we're used to, the phenomenon of Eastern models is on the rise because the Chinese market is one of the great economic basins in which to invest.

Embodies, in fact, an idea of ​​modernity, luxury and new possibilities which coincides with the relentless advance of this great economic power. A market with attractive seduce adv to make sure we have more customers who finally manage to empathize with testimonials and more like them, as perfect, perhaps the most imitated and reassuring in their beauty.
After saying goodbye to Tom Cruise, actress Katie Holmes reinvents herself and leaps into the adventure of fashion: New York Fashion Week in September will be devoted also his clothing line Holmes & Yang, a brand created in 2009 with the stylist Jeanne Yang.

At 33 and with a daughter already fashion icons, says Katie Holmes is ready and excited about the new life that acconge to tread: an interview with U.S. magazine she posed on the cover C, wrapped in a basic and all-black outfit, with back long hair and a smile just mentioned. A strong and determined, rather than peaceful: the actress herself during the interview to the magazine, said

I am ready for new challenges. After much work I really want to try new life experiences. Now I am much more balanced and I feel I still have much to show. I worked very early age and I feel I have somehow overlooked in my private life, your emphasis on your career. Now I really want to open myself to new experiences

No wonder that the new experience will be one of fashion: many before her, have decided to take this path, sometimes with success and others with their positive results. Victoria Beckham, formerly Posh Spice, is part of the first series, while Geri Halliwell, formerly Ginger Spice, much in the second. What will the outcome of the sortie in the fashion biz Katie Holmes?

We'll see what happens during New York Fashion Week scheduled for September: Katie has always been very attentive to their looks, with forays sometimes sexy and daring, but in principle, always discreet and polite. Holmes has a minimalist style, very attentive to detail trendy never too loud. The love for the world of fashion has also been shown to shape the look of her daughter Suri, from childhood accustomed to wear Louboutin shoes, designer bags and clothes, high fashion look that has sparked more criticism against him and in those ex-husband Tom Cruise.
Like all of us, Mango also has a passion for Kate Moss so much to have it confirmed, after the success of the summer 2012 advertising campaign, as his spokesperson for the adv of new and colorful autumn / winter 2012-2013. The British supermodel is really beautiful in the first images that circulated the web where posing with their new creations of the Spanish brand, dall'allure sporty-chic.

Kate Moss wears with his usual air of great nonchalance rebellious and long jackets with matching skirts spotted smocking, bright red dresses, hot pants, denim and other more sophisticated look with contrasting colors, such as coats and blazers egg shape in shades of blue chic and modern, worn over skinny jeans and pants. Un'adv really fantastic and a winter collection that the British supermodel super light with its charm.

Kate Moss is part of that group of supermodels of the nineties who have never stopped working in the fashion world at the highest levels because they had something special. Think of names like Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Amber Valletta, and many other, often more important and brand ambassador of chic in the world. For them the time and never goes away, if it passes, just to make them even more fascinating and destroy the anonymity of the new generation of fashion, all equal, all sciape, while they were so spicy.

Above all, Kate has always ridden the wave of scandals. Sometimes you fall, but it is always raised and around the world by Britain's Topshop to Spanish Mango, is the ideal testimonial for retail designed to target very young. It will be for his looks a bit '"cursed" and rock'n'roll, but Kate's star shines high in the sky of the fashion system. The top model in the case of Mango whose collection is sensual and sophisticated, best expressed the feeling that this dress so feminine and etiquette can be transformed by the wearer into something more, absorbing the personality of the client.

The dress of women to serve and not the other. This sense of a choice so cool by the Spanish brand that has already seen its sales rise with the summer campaign when Kate Moss posed for photographer Terry Richardson for the first Spanish brand of television advertising: a video-cheek, hot to the point right!