It is increasingly evident in the fashion world as the trend in the beauty of Asia, which begins to impose its models as style icons. The last Miss World 2012, the Chinese Yu Wenxia, ​​elected at the world famous beauty pageant held this year for the first time in Ordos, Mongolia.

The new Miss World is 23 years old and is a student of music. Splendid in his long blue dress studded with Swarovski has received from the hands of the former Miss World 2011, the coveted crown of world's most beautiful. It is not a case that has won her own. For several years the East are gaining more ground and plastic surgery to reduce the almond eyes and look to the top western decreased.

It's not a coincidence, but a careful marketing strategy, in fact, if Gucci has entrusted one of his last campaigns aimed at fine prints of the actress and singer Li Bingbing and in the past Calvin Klein chose as his spokesperson Liu Wen, the China's most famous model of the world. The latest advertising pages of Giorgio Armani protagonists often see beautiful models from Eastern exotic beauty and refined, haughty and sophisticated.

A mood almost aristocratic distinguishes them from their Western colleagues, and many designers do not fail to emphasize. Where once the models were chosen from Eastern to be their brand ambassador in the countries of the Rising Sun, is now the face of the brand worldwide. In addition to an idea of ​​sophisticated femininity, less explicit and more mysterious than we're used to, the phenomenon of Eastern models is on the rise because the Chinese market is one of the great economic basins in which to invest.

Embodies, in fact, an idea of ​​modernity, luxury and new possibilities which coincides with the relentless advance of this great economic power. A market with attractive seduce adv to make sure we have more customers who finally manage to empathize with testimonials and more like them, as perfect, perhaps the most imitated and reassuring in their beauty.

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