We always leave a little 'stunned relatives of the decision to get rid of the star, the death of the family, all his memories, especially the most precious real estate to sell in the market with a little' discretion or, worse, at public auction where the loved objects, kept hidden and morbid attention of the people are so violently exposed right in the eyes of those who wanted to hide them. We always found a desecration vulgar, if not atrocious. An insult to the memory.

It is true that life goes on and many things that had meaning for those who just left for those who remain do not have, maybe they are related to a memory or emotion than a day now distant in time. And perhaps it is also nice to think that a little 'Whitney Houston will continue to live apart from her wonderful songs, including clothing and jewelry that other lucky women fill their new memories, giving new life to what was perhaps destined to end packed in boxes and forgotten in stores.

After all, Whitney Houston was in financial trouble for a long time, after spending much of his fortune on drugs, alcohol and wild nights and needed money after unsuccessful attempts to resume his career when his voice no longer was the most melodious and perfect that had charmed the world and the dreams of millions of fans. The auction, therefore, of his clothes and had been organized long ago, perhaps with the consent of the singer herself, and certainly will not stop now for sure because of his death, now that the value of auction items is almost tripled, with prices starting at $ 600 even for small objects whose family does not know what to do if you do not derive as much money as possible, droves of fans will try to bring home a bit 'of Whitney.

Or at least what's left of her after the senseless death of 11 February for a drug overdose in a hotel room in Beverly Hills. Julien's auction house in Los Angeles is all set now, and between lots for sale including clothing and jewelry worn on the set of romantic movie "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner.

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