Forlì, 17 March 2012 - NOTES Elvis Presley in the background, the highly polished antique cars, girls in full pin-up look. Here we go again: it is the spring edition of the Vintage Fair 'fashion that lives twice', an event noted on the agenda of many of Forlì (or not) expected for several weeks now. A source of pride for the entire city is proud to host the second exhibition of vintage in Italy for the number of visitors. It is often, of all kinds, some sprung directly out of the 50s, dressed strictly Theme: Banana Elvis, sideburns, leather jacket, jeans, tattoos.

Many others simply curious about the tendency of vintage. Glasses, scarves, handbags, jackets, but also accessories, posters, vinyl records, household objects: any object on the back has a couple of decades is perfect to be sold to collectors of the genre, but also ordinary people who leave the heart (and wallet) in the very rare clutch of crocodile on display. Ample space is dedicated to remake the area, up to every issue: stands offering curios, jewelry, clothes, everything strictly recycled or reworked to give it a retro, old and therefore completely out of fashion.

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