An encore of the calendar Mercatomonti, anticipating today its usual Sunday appointment. On a Saturday full of fashion, designed by independent designers offering the latest trends in floral dresses, vests revisited, urban style jackets. Do not miss the industry began with vintage evening dresses, handbags, dresses 60 '-' 70, and the underground jewelry kitsch, retro glasses. The accessory designers offering rings and bracelets in silver, bronze and stone. For fans: modern art, polaroid, library research, collecting Soviets, objects. He has nearly 20 years but continues his work: it's Garage Sale (tomorrow, 10-19, admission 1.60 euros, Marina Square 32, tel. 06. 5880517), Sunday rendezvous for lovers of bric a brac and collectors . Air spring with silk scarves, sandals and shoes, leather belts, straw hats. For the home: English cutlery, prints, small sculptures, rare books and records. It comes to walk on the banks of the Tiber at the Milvian Bridge Antiques (tomorrow, 9-20, free admission, tel. 06. 8,541,461), including antiques, collectibles, objects d 'era, trinkets and bargains d' art. Exceptional sale, today and tomorrow at Stables Ruspoli with Fashion Store (10.30-20, free entrance, via Fontanella Borghese 56 / b, tel. 06-3337126), which showcases clothing, shoes, scarves and accessories, all of the great fashion brands, discounted up to 70 percent. All inspired by the style Years' 20 on the market Micca, which, like every Sunday, offers a different theme. A step back in time between clothing and accessories in true style hat, with cocktails and swing band. Doriana Torriero PLAY RESERVED

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