Fashion Channel ——  Facelift Zara, Benetton, while opening new Trussardi moves behind

The prêt-à-porter invades Turin and tip over the center. Within a few days in Rome were opened only on two other mega-store and will soon open. Just yesterday, after an accurate restyling, the United Colors of Benetton store on Via Roma 121 Corner Piazza San Carlo is back to accommodate customers, while Zara, on Wednesday, with a big party has presented its new premises in Via Roma 260 which have undergone a radical restructuring. Meanwhile, waiting to come along Guess the corner of Via Gramsci, Trussardi has already landed on a Lagrange 1 and Montblanc has opened a new corner in Via Cernaia 40 / I. So it seems that the flagship brand tackle the recession by investing in the city.

Ok the first impact
"It 's our way - explains Luca Biondolillo press office manager of Benetton - to respond positively to the crisis by focusing on the quality of the product mix and structure that allows the store to enhance it." Even the leaders of Zadar say they are satisfied. "The city and the public - say - have responded well to the new concept that we are exporting all over the world. In times of economic hardship it is important to invest and differentiate themselves from us is the iron will to go forward. " And customers seem to react well to the news.

Accomplices bright, rainbow colors of the spring-summer and the climate that has raised temperatures from late July, people seem tempted to spend. "We came for a ride because of a little 'time we had noted the ongoing work and we were curious," Fabio told Puleo and Luke Strippoli, 35 and 32 years. "Often - continue - dedicated to shopping on Saturday afternoon."

The shopping
So, after having scoured the shop and admired leaders multicolor, Fabio comes with a gray sweater. "I preferred to choose a solid classic," he justifies. Blue eyes and model body, Magda Wyszecki, twenty-eight years by an Austrian who moved to Turin to love, is attracted by the fluorescent colors of clothes and accessories and is around for bargains. "I'm looking for - say - a bit 'of everything from pants to a bag. The tones are fantastic and I think I will not go empty handed. "

Zara is the bustling hectic queue. Being able to look is not easy. "We are here today because we wanted to see what was the new store," says Federica Garnero, 18, who along with his group of friends managed to grab a tasty t-shirt.

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