Fashion Channel ——   TOMS is a well known brand in the world for its fabulous espadrilles in canvas and rope, available in many models and colors, and for his social commitment from the very outset of its history has led him to live his adventure in fashion with an eye to the nature and all'ecostenibilità. Even when you do not have a real official store in Italy. But the internet lately, thanks to the sections of e-commerce sites purposely open the brand, is proving a valuable aid to reach many products even where there is still a single brand.

In Italy, therefore, although currently there are official retailers of this famous brand of ethical fashion, on the official website,, there is an excellent section devoted to shopping online where you can not only admire the colorful new collection lookbook Spring-summer 2012, but also buy the template you like best in design and color. Also, just be making your purchase you will know you did good for a child in need with Easter at the gates and there is no better time!

Often, we forget that, once out of the factory before and after from the store, an object will continue to talk about the brand throughout its buyer will take him, it is better that it always represents the best not only its obvious aesthetic qualities, but also its hidden and far more valuable ethical virtues. Please remember, in fact, that for every pair of shoes sold, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child who really needs it in over 30 countries in Latin America and Africa. Mirevole initiative that really is not the result of any marketing strategy to try to ingratiate himself more and more customers with impromptu charity initiatives.

"Buy one and get one free", where the second pair is for charity, something that the TOMS brand has always done and this is a significant point in favor of this brand that quietly works because the world is part of fashion in the real world, especially in this difficult moment in history. Making fashion is not just a business, means an invasion of their products through the streets of the world, share with your client a bit 'of the way together and it would be nice if every company thought this too when producing a garment or accessory.

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