Fashion Channel —— A few nights ago, by chance I happened to see a great movie, very original in its genre, "The Speech of the King" with a gorgeous Colin Firth who plays the stammering George VI on the eve of the Second World War and I came to think to the accounts not only in the right place at the right time, but also to be chosen by the man right. In the case of Tom Ford in the years when he left to devote himself to cinema fashion churning unanimous that masterpiece which is the beautiful "A Single Man" Colin Firth chose as his protagonist's poignant film, forever tearing the shadow of romantic comedies like Bridget Jones forever to throw the empyrean of art films.

Colin Firth is a very talented actor but how many years it would take before the world would notice? Tom Ford is. A real King Midas. This he did with Gucci in the nineties, so did the film and continues to do so in fashion now that is back to his great love of all time, but never remove more than in any fashion week. The women's collection of Tom Ford is always presented to a very select audience in a secret location until a few days before, because at some penalty is not planning to disseminate the news. The press is made strictly forbidden to take any photographs, so in the end what remains is to trust what is written in the chronicles and reviews of the lucky journalists who attended the show.

But only at first because Tom Ford, a man of our time, always disclose the whole video with a fashion show so that the greatest possible audience can see and judge his work.Even for the autumn / winter 2012-2013 has been the case and the video put on Youtube, is massively clicked and not only by professionals. Tubini blacks, also made of leather and crocodile, with side slits combined with fire-red fur and clutch on the same nuance.The fur is totally black or proposed in many pop colors like lemon yellow.

All absolutely garish colors, luxurious, excessive. Super spy the tight black leather trench coat, while the back jumpsuit with its allure seventies, very glamorous and seductive.Beautiful evening dresses in white, golden or laminated with total black velvet inserts.Sensational accessories like big glasses, corset belts in metal, the clutch is cuissard square and long black python leather. For a woman bold, powerful, true mistress of fashion. 

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