Fashion Channel ——  Running for charity, and against the abomination that is violence against women: The brand is committed Pandorine actually working with Double Defense non-profit organization, the association created by Michelle Hunziker and Giulia Bongiorno and participating in the Milan City Marathon, an event organized by the Official Sports to be held Sunday, April 15 at Milan.

Double Defense aims to help women who have suffered and are suffering domestic violence, physical or psychological, through assistance in the interpretation of the rules and regulations in force: in addition to that the non-profit organization, born from a chance encounter between the Swiss showgirl and Bongiorno's lawyer, wants to raise awareness to this terrible phenomenon and promote a culture of nonviolence and passive acceptance that does not silence the only refuge of those who suffer these subtle and barbaric mistreatment.

There are many names known and loved who have decided to put at the service of their fame to support Double Defense: Anna Tatangelo, Federica Pellegrini, Francesco Totti, Nek, Ilary Blasi and Silvia Toffanin are some of the celebrities who support the non-profit organization created by the duo Hunziker -Minetti.

The Foundation's partnership with the Italian brand Pandorine The presentation also will be realized, the arrival of the marathon and relay race in Piazza Castello, a special type of bag that was symbolically called Women: a completely white, perfect for ' summer and bearing an inscription very meaningful and touching. Besides Michelle and Annalisa there will be many people like Linus and Arisa to contribute, by their presence, to this valuable project.

The scholarship is dedicated to all women who no longer accept the refuge of silence and shame to be subject to violence leaning with resignation, but chose to speak and denounce those who do them harm. You can buy this shopper, with a minimum donation of ten Euros, at the gazebo will be installed April 15 at Piazza Castello. The availability while stocks last, so do not miss it!

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