Not just Canada, colonists from the traditional areas of European Christian culture around the world, manufacturing a tragedy similar to Canada's aboriginal boarding schools. Australia in introspection history, said these indigenous children were forcibly interrupted cultural ties and even loss of blood relatives agree for a "lost generation". The filmmakers also filmed the movie, at the end of such themes is a little girl escaped Indian boarding school run freely on the prairies.

Today, the country and the people of Canada have come to realize that the history and culture of the indigenous people to create, is the source of the civilization of this country, is to be proud of and remember the past. Canadian public schools are involved in the local aboriginal culture education courses to provide one or more of these subjects, such as anti-racism, indigenous culture and crafts, these courses are indigenous elders and other community members will be invited to visit.

The course content often involve indigenous languages, indigenous spirituality, indigenous knowledge, and a visit to the indigenous ruins. Although the majority of students, learning such subjects by geographical restrictions, but the purpose of teaching is generally able to achieve.

The purpose of these courses is to cultivate humanistic qualities cognitive students an understanding of the natural ecological environment and the changing social and historical development by guiding the learning of specific projects, and the establishment of different racial equality, respect for the habit of thinking.

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