Taiwan's government in the three groups on the policy of the Diaoyu Islands basic policies and principles, that is, the "Donghai peace initiative", "do not conflict, not to evade, and jointly deal with the other side.

Ma Ying-jeou first look at one of the principles of the Diaoyu Islands issue "does not conflict does not evade." I think, not conflict "is said to listen to the United States and Japan, aims to maintain Taiwan and the friendly relations between Japan and the United States;" evade "is said to listen to both parties, including the United States and Japan, the island of Taiwan and the mainland, and its intentions in order to maintain the visibility of Taiwan in the dispute over sovereignty of the Diaoyutai.

Negotiations with Japan Taiwan spindle is on fishing rights and fishing protection, and look forward to fishing rights negotiations between the future and the day after a certain progress, they will gradually move to the spindle of "co-development".

August 5 last year, Ma Ying-jeou proposed Donghai peace initiative "in favor of the parties to exercise self-restraint, and called for putting aside disputes and jointly develop.

The face of Beijing's demand pressure teamed up with Japan to jointly defend the Diaoyu Islands, followed by inspections Peng Jia Lantau, Ma Ying-jeou asked the East China Sea Peace Initiative "to promote the Programme, called for" 2 side dialogue "(Taipei - Tokyo, Beijing - Tokyo, Taipei - Beijing) with a group of 3 sides of consultation "(Taipei - Tokyo - Beijing). In fact the only feasible Taipei and Beijing, "cross-strait dialogue. Cross-strait dialogue with jointly deal with the other side there is a certain contradiction between the significant facts, how to clarify the definition and scope, I am afraid that Taipei has not yet begun specific job.

I think that, from the experience of the South China Sea, "cooperation", "cross-strait dialogue," the first stage should be set in the areas of research cooperation. Since two years ago, the author repeatedly called on the two sides established the East China Sea / Diaoyu research institutions and held annually in Taiwan and overseas Chinese scholars, including the Symposium, at the same time seeking the future development of cross-strait common talking points on the issue of sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands so will it be possible to achieve some degree of "consistent foreign situation.

Cross-strait cooperation, "Diaoyu Islands" road ahead will be long.

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