Opened old books "Mirror", the rich history of the door, as it is pushed through the ages wandering around came to the Tang Dynasty, lock the Tang Emperor Li Zhi housework channels, vividly documented, the show is incredible shock. Tang Emperor Li Zhi of the sisters, Dongyang and the Metro two Princess, sister killed, sister disparaged as a beggar, innocent sister of Princess Dou E Yuan, their fate ye so badly? Who is detrimental Princess sisters culprit?

Emperor Li Shimin and Empress, gave birth to the three men and four women, the eldest son of Lee Tae second son Li Chengqian, third son Lee governance, eldest daughter Changle, the second daughter of Dongyang, third daughter Jinyang, youngest daughter Metro, Lee Tae and Lee Chengqian, the competition for the throne conspiracy to commit treason, was banished by the Emperor exiled in remote areas for the common people, and soon two princes depressed and died. 649 the Taizong Jiabeng in May Li Zhi ascended the throne, Emperor Gaozong.

The Empress died many years ago, married the Changle Sister Jinyang sister had died of illness, the Tang Emperor pro only sister Dongyang pro-mei Metro, Li Zhi and sisters brotherhood, the Queen's mother 36-year-old died of illness, Dongyang 12-year-old princess, 9-year-old Li Zhi, Metro-year-old princess was, Dongyang princess like small motherly care for younger siblings, sister Dongyang Li Zhi ascended the throne after closure for large Princess closure for Xiaomei Metro, Princess, two princesses honor extremely.

However, there are unexpected storms, people have always happens, Wu only from a sense of industry Temple malignancy after the end of the good old days of two Princess, fall from heaven to hell. Princesses and weapons before, so what does it matter? Aunts relationship, there is no personal grudges Wu back to the palace before people princesses have long since left the palace, the son-in-law father Emperor had to choose, high the Dongyang princess marry a first cousin of the Empress follow the line, Metro princess married cousin to the Empress Sun Quan, generational little hell broke loose, the Princess consort than a generation, the Tang Dynasty palace of marriage generational casual royalty between intermarriage is a political need to maintain stability and unity. Both ability and integrity are the pillars of our country, Sun Quan table talent, knowledge, ability to excel, Dongyang Metro two princess appearance and taste excellent and virtuous, they are the husband of a good wife, my husband a good daughter-in-law the high covered rows court worked.

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