Nino Lettieri, within the framework of the Rome Haute Couture fashion show, presented Margutta its proposals for the new collection A / W 2012-13 reviving the myth of Audrey Hepburn, thus recalling the legendary days of cinema and Italian society. There is hardly a coincidence that the collection, entitled "Pois d'Hiver", was presented to Art Hotel Margutta, locations that had once been the set of the legendary fifties film "Roman Holiday".

From the title of the collection can be deduced the mood of the same: "Dots", small, large, black and white, are the real stars of high fashion look of the ten presented in attractive location. Soft lines, volumes, tailoring to read printed chiffon and organza and impalpable devorè, douchesse jacquard satin embroidered with sequins all made big polka dots, accompanied by soft velvets and silk effect cotton pony. The fabrics used for clothing are Taroni, Gandini and Verga, the jewelery I mount the sixties with white and black pearls of various sizes are AlbaSerena and gloves are specialized in the historic signing of the gloves, now famous throughout the world, Sermoneta gloves.

At the foot of the modellle wear sandals, designed exclusively for Nino Lettieri and constructed entirely by OROORO crafts, shoes, totally in line with the collection "Pois d'Hiver" and blacks are white satin.

If the inspiration of the Haute Couture collection presented in Rome is the myth of the model for the bride Audrey could only be the image of the actress in Breakfast at Tiffany's "posing in front of the famous jeweler, an image that has been converted into a synonym style and elegance for which the designer proposes a creation in white chiffon devorè of tiny and large polka dots.

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