After the huge wave of protests around the Olympic athletes' uniforms made in China and Made in the USA, as was fitting that he, the fashion designer Ralph Lauren and the U.S. Olympic Committee has officially announced that they will be interested in the implementation of the next uniforms for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia.

Now for the London Olympics is too late to design and implement the U.S. suits, suits, bodysuits, t-shirts and all that it is for a complete wardrobe sports. U.S. athletes will face their challenges with complete wearing Made in China designed, among other things, by the same designer Ralph Lauren is now trying to atone the sins of the designer usually draw at home to make cheap overseas where labor is cheap and above all just claims, and ultimately resell rights and money at home and abroad at exorbitant prices.

American politicians, both Republican and Democratic, were unanimous in thinking that in a difficult moment for the U.S. textile industry, to entrust foreign countries the realization of something that could revive the industry is synonymous with superficiality and greed. Ralph Lauren, if not the brawl broke out, would live his happy time as a designer of the official uniforms of American athletes, but it is in the heart of the storm and many activists claimed that even the shirts made in China to be burned. As seen, the economic crisis has created so much controversy and discontent where previously there were no harsh. That many clothes and accessories are produced abroad at low cost is well known, but America, unlike us, perhaps, not a country that is a bystander.

Certainly there will be repercussions in the field for those who continue to relocate, taking away jobs from the Americans, overwhelmed by an unprecedented crisis, to give to people of other nations. The United States is highly nationalistic and probably few or no gain, then the heads of Olympic uniforms made in China signed by Ralph Lauren. We are also in times of elections and is also the fashion field that will decide who the new President of the United States: those who surrender to globalization and starves its people or those who can expect from American designers, giving the appropriate tax relief, that what is American in the eyes of the world is really in every sense, both in design and production.

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