In the continuous and desperate stroke of marketing fashion to produce the bag must-haves of the season or even year, what might be best to inspire hope that a product like Lana del Rey in the standings with his first disc in 19 countries? Following the success of a similar desire to Mulberry was inspired by Lana del Rey for the design of its latest must-have bag.

Emma Hill, creative director of Mulberry, said to worship the nostalgic air and modern retro look of the singer who has been a source of inspiration for a timeless and elegant handbag to suit the needs of all women. It thus appears that Lana del Rey in the blink of an eye, as well as a record of successful product, it is converted into a fashion icon and is worthy, equal to the ever stylish Alexa Chung, a scholarship bearing his name.

The model Rey reproduces the style and retro glamor with which the figure of the singer has managed to identify his style.

Lana del Rey said to adore the unusual mix of old Hollywood and the contemporary style of the model in his honor. The Mulberry handbags del Rey will be on sale starting this month of May and will be priced at retail value of approximately 790 pounds.

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