Fashion Channel ——  Founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain in Paris, the French leather goods brand Longchamp is a legend thanks to his sublime craftsmanship and its creations always full of charm and elegance, almost innate. Boasting a turnover of 390 million euros, Longchamp, which has 8 plants, including six in France, has 236 stores in 100 countries and 1800 corners in multi-brand stores in Italy as though now, it seems, the music has changed and is now exposing himself in the forefront.  

Finally, the French leather goods brand has decided, in fact, to look beyond the Alps and more precisely to Milan on 30 March has opened its first Italian store. The Longchamp boutique is very large in size but think it is only the fifth largest Longchamp boutiques in the world. But for Italians who love this label size does not matter of course, because 250 square feet arranged over three levels, set in an historic building in the heart of Milan's Via Spiga luxury is not serious business, indeed, there is to feast his eyes with so much beauty.

The company Longchamp always belonged to the Cassegrain family, now in its second and third generation, that carries on a family-run almost in spite of the massive amount of business at stake. Also open in Italy, the country's leading leather goods worldwide, is a challenge and start right from Milan is even more, but apparently Longchamp does not seem to fear the competition and is ready to unleash his best weapons.

The Milan store is the first boutique brand to dedicate, in addition to the lines of suitcases and travel bags and men's line, even a space for the collections of shoes and prêt-à-porter, a total look that wants to be indicative of the mood and traditional craftsmanship and style of the French fashion house.

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