The Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious event in the sport of tennis. The tournament, held between June and July at Wimbledon (London), is the third Grand Slam tournament. A major sporting event, but also a great social occasions. Kate Middleton could be missed on the sidelines of the prestigious tournament? Of course not! Accompanied by her husband, Prince William of England, has enjoyed a few matches of the tournament before the Australian Open and the French Open, and followed by the U.S. Open.

Of course, Kate Middleton, given its institutional role, affecting only the tournament in London, so here it is a surprise to arrive at the tournament with a delicious white jersey, with details in tennis style, with blue and white stripes on collar and cuffs and border marinara. Put a delicious and very nice, maybe too simple for a Duchess, but Kate is always a girl and you go to Wimbledon to see athletes who play tennis, so he put more than guess.

Of course, no one would say that this outfit was designed by Alexander McQueen. Instead it is precisely this: the House, apparently, is also able to create simple dresses and low profile, suitable for all occasions, even if, in fact, is not really an opportunity Wimbledon Common. The bleachers are filled with sports and not fake, aspiring social climbers intent on doing public relations, and noble, of course, highly anticipated, the members of the Royal Family. If Kate wears a dress too obvious and suitable for a tennis match, William overdoes almost a complete style of Wall Street.

The boy must learn to relax, there is a time and a place to show off every outfit with a nice blue sweater with white pants would be perfect. Instead, William sports a full overdressed for a sporting event, even totally out of place, laciando, as always, the palm of the coolest pair of his wife, always much admired for her looks and not only by British subjects. But the dress of McQueen, however, should not be very cheap and the controversy over the expense of the Duchess of Cambridge for his "put the agency" continues to run amok in England ...

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