Iron boss often fall into the negative news, the public will think of the word "monopoly". In fact, many times, I think it is more important to study some specific issues. $ 40 lunch how to sell huge railway system, but also a drop in the bucket, the image points deduction, it is not worth the candle, I believe, also the railway authorities do not want to see the reality of this petty.

Where is the problem? Dining car on the high-speed rail service is mainly divided into two types, one outsourced to the enterprise, one is to operate independently, the dining car staff wages is basic salary plus a commission of the sales stuff, if it is to sell more, the total price is expensive their income is relatively high. Visible, high-priced lunch but caused due to the irrational system management mode. Is the so-called section to determine success or failure.

For the development of China's railway industry, the official and the private sector often come to completely opposite evaluation. The official always stressed to 6% of the world's business mileage, we completed 25% of the world's carrying capacity, especially in recent years to the siren song of the railway infrastructure and technology development, which is no denying the fact that.

However, in public opinion, more developed railway seems to be more backward, more problems. In fact, this is the familiar "bucket theory" to determine the volume of a barrel is a piece of the shortest plank. The shortest board that manages the railway sector, in terms of philosophy and sense of service. The development of the railway speed of light is not enough, even faster with the quality of software and hardware go hand in hand.

If the railway sector decision-makers so engrossed in this type of speed, high-tech impossibly bright appearance, while ignoring the management and services of the kernel, then collapse ticketing platform, high-priced lunch like trouble, it will from time to time pull high-speed rail, the hind legs of the EMU are, so that the development of China's railway looks always seemed so get awkward.

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