Fashion Channel ——  Big news fresh from fresh shares of H & M. The Swedish clothing giant low cost airlines has announced that very soon will launch a new brand, which will be a chain in its own right.

It seems that the new chain launched by H & M will be positioned on the segment luxury (therefore lower prices Altini compared to H & M), and anyway the products of this new chain will differentiate themselves in a clear bid classic of store H & M that we all know.
It thus appears that H & M follows the winning strategy already adopted by Inditex, the mega corporation Spanish in addition to our beloved Zara has launched several other chains of success as Bershka, Pull & Bear, Oysho and Lefties (the latter has not yet come to us, but is hugely popular in Spain).

Moreover, even H & M already has some sottocatene, including one of the most popular is definitely COS (which will also open soon in Milan). In short, for a change, here we can not wait!

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