Majority of prospective mother has always missed doing for check the time, especially pregnant early production inspection, the majority of prospective mother should be because of the missed time was delayed a Some mothers even think that the early stages of pregnancy simply do not have production inspection, then the women pregnant early with do not do check?

Pregnancy generally do time for check in three stages: the first stage is the early stages of pregnancy, early for check-general of pregnancy is 10 weeks pregnant. Some blood and urine tests will be carried out to understand the basic body of pregnant women, for example, diabetes, kidney disease or thalassemia; second phase of the first 16 weeks of pregnancy; The third stage is about 20 weeks pregnant several times the segments are doing for check time period.

Early pregnancy to do check-ups What are the benefits?

To preliminary evaluation of the physical condition of pregnant women with or without medical basis for disease, such as: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, nephritis. If there is, depending on the severity of need treatment whether, whether to continue the pregnancy, To judge how much harm pregnant women, as soon as possible to take the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the expectant mothers during pregnancy.

Early pregnancy to determine the gestational age, to confirm the time of pregnancy. The many women menstruation are not allowed to date of ovulation inaccurate, early pregnancy is not time to determine the gestational age, the late bad projected date of confinement, unable to monitor fetal growth and placental function.

To check whether intrauterine or ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy, the incidence of high risk. If a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, internal bleeding caused by a life crisis.

4. Early pregnancy is very prone to anomalies, threatened abortion, vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, and that happens, it could be an ectopic pregnancy, that happens to be timely treatment. If intrauterine pregnancy threatened abortion, to timely treatment to ensure the normal development of the embryo.

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