July 8 will be broadcast on Channel 4 on a delayed and early evening, "Parade of Love and Fashion", of which, EAN 13 brands will be a key player, along with many other names. Broadcast in prime time next at 21.10, during the televised fashion show designer labels, all made in Italy, will come down from the steps of the striking Trepponti of Comacchio, a sort of mythical omahhio the "Woman Under the Stars" was when the Italian fashion and internationally to fall down the stairway of Trinita dei Monti in Rome.

EAN 13 also will wear the hostess, the beautiful Emanuela Folliero, during one of the many changes which will benefit during the commercial breaks of Rete 4. For the event "Parade of Love and Fashion" Emanuela Folliero EAN 13 wear a beautiful long dress with bandeau top fully encrusted with Swarovski Elements, very bright and glam, a spectacle of light, very summery and sexy. With its proposals for the 2012th summer preview of the autumn / winter 2012-2013 with the capsule "Woman's Art Gallery Collection", featuring the prints of the famous American artist Sid Maurer, EAN 13 may rely on the catwalk of a testimonial 'exception, the showgirl Anna Falchi, back in perfect shape after the recent pregnancy.

The actress and film producer, originally from Romagna, will march to their own brand of Emilia EAN 13 just for joining the Emilia Romagna region, two areas of the same region battered by the disaster of the earthquake. A symbol of hope, a nice way to tell the TV audience and the world that life continues and that the production made in Italy in a land that has given more to fashion does not stop and continues in spite of everything, but getting by in producing fields, moving the machinery out of the ramshackle industrial sheds.

Really a nice blend between what the company carpigiana EAN 13 and Anna Falchi to enhance the strength of mind and beauty of this region, which affected even in the deep, does not give up and continues to live with dignity, despite a thousand difficulties. In witness whereof, Francesco Russo, co-founder with his wife Cristina Carnevali the EAN 13 Collection Ltd., will be invited on stage at the close of the program, to be interviewed and receive the prize Carife 2012, symbol of the will of recovery, tenacity and confidence in the future of this land so fair and so unique.

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