The divine Dita Von Teese, the undisputed queen of the world of Burlesque, seductive, and ultra-feminine with her pale skin, makeup and the look of the forties, has scored another hit in his successful career as a star in the unstoppable rise. For years now we're used to seeing her on top of that niche of vaudeville, what is the Burlesque, who was able to revive guessing the potential for authentic gold mine.

Time has passed since then and despite not count for more in the world its imitators, the burlesque classes for desperate housewives who want to put a little 'pepper in their home life, and beyond, and celebrations and goodbyes to celibacy in which this kind of performance are in demand, she is always the best and never misses a chance to prove it.

As in Melbourne, Australia, where he launched his first line of lingerie called "Von Follies", created for Target Australia. For the parade Dita Von Teese Models chose curvy, soft and buttery, just like her, just as men dream of their ideal woman is. A true triumph of femininity, pure. On the catwalk at last no artifice of man, but directly to Mother Nature.

A show that was much appreciated not only from the women who felt they were finally free not to force their bodies to unnatural fees, but especially by men who did not think it's true, after the usual skinny models, to finally see real women and desirable paraded before their eyes.

Final twist with the divine on the catwalk to show that yes, the girls from her choices are fabulous, but the real goddess is always and only she, as demonstrated in the countryside, very hot, the lingerie line "Von Follies".

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