Any woman knows: you can also dress in t-shirts, jeans and biker boots, but if you wear a It Bag style changes radically and assumes a different appeal. A Christmas gift for original bag is addicted Mirror Tote Bag Marni, dominated by gold, color and festive Christmas.

A shopper is always there comes around, it makes the company office or the universities to evenings with friends or club. It is practical, NFL comfortable and does not hinder movement. Marni chooses this model for his piece of the tip in the accessories sector: a Tote that can potentially accommodate our world inside. The brand chose, however, to revive it through the use of an unusual and dazzling gold metallic, mirror exactly, that makes it precious and flashy. The colors all gold is broken by the contrast with the side profiles, seams, handles and shoulder straps, which are dominated by beige nude-natural matt or from bright red and opaque.

An unusual way to interpret the most classic NFL bags, designed for everyday use: perfect to liven up a total look black or gray, as this year's fashion imposes, but certainly unexceptionable also complement an outfit less serious and more fashionable. The Mirror Marni Tote Bag is available in the online jerseys shop and boutique Marni Marni to 580 euro, which is important, but not overwhelming in its own way for a brand of such prestige.

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