The last day of Milan Fashion Week 2012 has seen players emerging designers, particularly in New and Upcoming Next Generation. Young promises or pale meteors? You decide, looking at the pictures in the gallery. We have seen, overall, minimalism and clean shape, often with precious fabrics and fluids. Irreverent forays into volumes, but nothing ever exaggerated or loud, almost as if these designers wanted to tiptoe into the fashion biz.

Certainly, their entrance is marked by great class and elegance: Holy Sword, all showed a balance out of the ordinary, with ethereal creations, elegant, play on transparency and fluidity of silk fabrics. Beautiful light chiffon dresses like petals, constructed in a simple and straightforward, but never boring. The blush and taupe color to emphasize this fairytale mood, with hints of black sequins for a glamorous and more strong. Splendid loose trousers like clouds, with a wide bottom worked with decorative beads.

For Ludovico Loffreda femininity is in color, with shiny coats and PVC inserts blacks with fluorescent orange or lime green papaya; comfortable moccasins laced with wedge rubber footwear. Glossy pleated skirts that come above the knee and are worn with colorful blouses buttoned to the neck. The bright blue with red strawberry and plays with the color of tobacco, the bags are slim briefcase in nuance lit up like the rest dell'outfit or big suitcases for travelers addicted.

For Harunobu Marata the focus is on the structure, particularly at sharp geometric and shoulders; jackets or capes wide open on dresses cinched at the waist by belts, women fit neckline and prefer classic and towering white and pure black. His clothes are stripped of all ornament: just a scollaura with crystals and tulle silk positioned posteriorly on the sides to make refined. Overall a very glamorous and chic collection.

Camille Pfister enjoys playing with large volumes, stacked, built and developed in a remarkable way: cream-colored shirt on which trapezoidal creep games scarlet fabric shades in the rear bows become multiform, bubble skirts brought bright red belted maxi gold and pink silk blouse, like a modern, romantic revisited and Wonder Woman (the model has marched with hands on hips in imitation of the famous cartoon character). To bring the woman Camille ultracoprenti and fluorescent tights, pink and courageously combining red, yellow and blue powder: a winter in which, certainly, there can be boring!