Fashion Channel ——   Not only is the Devil in Prada dress, apparently. The Italian fashion house, after enthusiastically agreed to sponsor the Italian Sailing Federation for the next Olympic Games in London, continues to be a true pioneer of artistic collaborations and, forging relationships with worlds away from her and thus creating very interesting partnership.

To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the famous saga of video game "Final Fantasy" two parallel universes so far, such as fashion and the virtual console game, you have finally met for the first time on the glossy magazine "Arena Homme +", a magazine English male, published by Bauer Publishing House since 1994.

The magazine, which deals mainly with men's fashion has recently published a service that is a real gem collector for the many fans of "Final Fantasy": the main characters of the game produced by Square until 2011 and has sold more than 100 million copies, not including pirate!, are the protagonists of an editorial in which they wear clothes and accessories last Prada Spring / Summer 2012.

From heroes dressed in uniforms of warriors postapocalittici, for once, stop complete their strong and tight leather and fur, with a lot of coats, to wear clothes more modern, and contemporary, perhaps more conventional, at least for our times. The design is certainly interesting, but flipping through the pages of the magazine, despite the excellent results both graphically and completely original idea, one is a bit 'confused.

It's like needing to find cool Clark Kent wears Prada just because we know that when that same man is really Superman. Of course, anyone who prefers a hero with super powers from both suit and cloak to a look, though trendy, signed Prada, unless you also clothes and accessories exclusively by Italian fashion house does not possess magical powers and mysterious.